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Preparing your property

A home that is well equipped insures a happy tenant and holidaymaker, which in turn will help to generate repeat bookings.

When preparing your home look at it impartially and see it through the tenant's eyes, try to put yourself in their shoes. Maybe ask a friend to do a trial stay and see what is missing. Make sure you have all of the little things that make a difference, such as the ability to wake up in the morning and listen to music or watch television in the evenings for relaxation.

When equipping your home remember that things may get broken, so buy items which you don't mind replacing. Also ask your caretaker to consider asking the tenant sign an inventory to insure all the items are left as they were found.

Need some more ideas... our tips are:


  • *There is nothing worse than sitting down for a meal and having to slap flying insects away from you and your food.
  • *Our suggestion is either window stickers, which collect the pesky critters under the sticker or a fly zapper displayed out of the way.
  • *Stickers placed on the windows also help to remind people there is glass there, helping to avoid injuries.


  • *Power cuts are normal in some countries. Although adding to the atmosphere it is nice to be able to find things you need and see where you are going.
  • *We suggest an ample supply of candles, matches or LED lamps.


  • * It is advisable to have a small first aid kit available for those unexpected small cuts or injuries.


  • * It is always handy to have a couple of international plug adapters around just in case.


  • *After a long journey its always nice to sit down to a nice cup of coffee or tea. Try to keep a few sachets of coffee and tea bags available for guest.
  • *Don't forget the sugar and UHT milk.You may also want to have a filter coffee machine – its so much nicer than instant.

Now let's check the furnishings and rent your home!


  • * Buy a good set of pots and pan and cooking equipment such as a colander and cooking spoons.
  • * Cutlery, crockery, coffee mugs and glasses are needed for a minimum of what your home sleeps but more would be advisable.
  • * Don't forget the toaster, kettle, microwave and an iron.
  • * Tea towels are a must along with a sponge and dishcloth. A starter washing up liquid is nice but remember it is self-catering.


  • * Entertainment is not a requirement but people are expecting more in their holiday homes now.
  • * A television and DVD player are now viewed as standard requirements.
  • * We suggest that you have the local satellite service available for English speaking tenants.
  • * A CD player is another nice to have.
  • * You can pick up DVD's and CD's cheap from car-boot sales and charity shops to leave a stock your guests.
  • * Another good source for DVD's is the UK Sunday papers where they are often given away free.
  • * Make sure there is ample seating for tenants but don't over clutter your room.


  • * Bath mats are a good idea.
  • * You should supply 1 set of towels per client, which needs to include: 1 bath, 1 hand and 1 wash cloth.
  • * A large beach towel is also a good idea as it discourages the use of the good towels.
  • * Make sure your cleaner leaves a spare toilet roll and small soaps are a nice addition.
  • * A hairdryer is also a nice to have but not a requirement.


  • * A question often asked is why properties only have single beds.
  • * We suggest that owners have at least one double bed.
  • * Supply ample pillows, sheets and blankets.
  • * Have a good supply of coat hangers.
  • * Have a set of drawers for clothing.
  • * An alarm clock is a worthwhile extra.


  • * If you have a garden, make sure you have someone to maintain it.
  • * A nice set of garden furniture is a must even if you only have a terrace.
  • * We suggest investing in a good quality set, as poor quality furniture breaks easily and will constantly need to be replaced.
  • * A couple of sun loungers and a BBQ pit are very good items to include.


  • * It is a good idea to have an information book for your tenant.
  • * Have a list of important telephone numbers such as the hospital, police and taxis etc.
  • * Any information about your home such as where to dispose of rubbish is a good idea.
  • * How to work appliances like the washing machine.
  • * A list of local activities is nice to include.
  • * Restaurant leaflets and your thoughts on some of the local cuisine are also helpful.
  • * Most importantly, a guest book is a must have. It encourages and allows clients to list helpful suggestions for you and also future guests.


  • * If you have a pool or are near the beach, a few toys are great for the kids.
  • * Having a torch helps, but don't forget the batteries.
  • * Dustpan, brush and broom.
  • * Spare light bulbs.
  • * Bin liners.


  • * When you buy your new home make a point of meeting the neighbours. There is always one willing to hold your keys and take care of your property for little or even no money. However, we strongly suggest though that you use a reputable management company instead, as neighbours are not insured and may move on and forget to tell you.
  • * When choosing a management company though, make sure you check into their reputation, the services they offer and if possible take up references from owners on their books.
  • * Make sure they actually check your property on a regular basis. You can ask a neighbour to let you know if they actually do this.
  • * They should also have professionals that can deal with the cleaning of your home.
  • * When making your choice remember that you live a far away and you will need to have constant updates.