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Resizing your photos

Akliar.com allows you to display up to 24 images on your advert and if possible it is best to resize these for ease of uploading. To help we have found this great piece of simple software to help you quickly resize your photos of you holiday home. If you use this link you can download the safe file. The resizer is from Faststone. You will also notice several other options with this and can have a bit of fun trying, such as putting a text on the photo's or watermark. When resizing the best width is 600. If you need help just ask, we're here for you.

Faststone Photo Resizer

Remember though, if you do not feel confident in this you can upload your photo's without resizing, this is not a must!

Taking photos of your home:

  1. Photos of your home will sell the holiday as it puts potential clients in the holiday mode. Make sure they show off everything, especially features that sold you on buying your home in the first place.
  2. After taking all of the photos you want, go somewhere and have a coffee and look at them. You will notice things that you would not have spotted whilst sitting in the surroundings.
  3. Then go back and correct these and retake your photos.
  4. We suggest you use a high pixel digital camera as it makes it easier to put them on your advert. Take as many as you like and then delete those which are not worthy.
  5. Make sure you have good lighting and that the sun can be seen. This really gets the holiday spirit going.
  6. Photos always look better if you stage your home as if someone is there. Set the table for dining. Put the sun loungers out.
  7. Try and get a few scenic photos of the area with breathtaking views.
  8. Don't worry about taking a photo of your bathroom unless there is something really special about it. Take photos of what really makes your home special.
  9. Remember this is a holiday home so photos of the local area are a good idea.

If you are having problems loading your pictures always email us and we will try and resolve any problem you may have.