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Important Information for Travellers Booking a Holiday Rental in Spain

Akilar.com wants to ensure all holiday makers enjoy the perfect holiday in Spain without any issues or problems. Although we make every effort as one of the most trusted websites promoting Spain, we suggest you to follow our recommendations when making your reservation. By working together we can ensure you have a safe holiday and peace of mind when making your holiday booking.

Here you will find the Tips for every aspect of your holiday search to explore Spain and even a special section for first time travellers.

Researching for the perfect rental home - Tips for using Akilar.com:

We at Akilar.com have made searching for your ideal holiday home not only easy but exciting! By following a few tips on using Akilar.com you can not only find the perfect home but also get to know about the many activities, sites to see, and history surrounding your choice of destinations in Spain.

  • If you know the area in Spain you wish to travel then simply click on the link at the top of the page or the map of Spain taking you to the holiday region you wish.
  • Next you have a choice of towns in that area to select for your holiday destination or view all of the towns listed to choose your holiday home in. You can also read all about that area to help in making your choice of rental home.
  • Click on your chosen town and view all of the many holiday properties registered on Akilar.com.
  • Make sure to read all of the reviews to see what other holiday makers have had to say about the property and their own experience.
  • Check all of the photos to insure this is the right holiday home for you and your family.
  • Read what all the owner says about local interest and things to do.
  • If you are not sure of the holiday region you wish to visit or you would like to find out all there is to do in a particular area, visit Akilar's holiday guides. Here you can find out where to eat, facilities for water sports, night life and the best shopping areas. From this, travellers can decide which area suits their holiday requirements to ensure the perfect holiday on Spain.
  • Make sure if the area requires hiring a car or not and if so check out the car hire companies in Spain on Akilar.

When enquiring on the easy to use form, ask questions you feel relevant. It is best to enquire on more than one property in case it has been booked during your dates and to give you a wider choice of rental homes.

If you have not received a reply from the owner or agent within a day, it may be best to contact them by telephone to help speed up your booking process.

You are now ready to book your holiday accommodation. We suggest following the Akilar.com secure booking practice and tips in order to secure your rental property safely.

Akilar's suggested booking practice and tips

Once you have made contact with the owner of your chosen property and agreed the rental dates, it is common practice for an owner to request a deposit. It is important to discuss all of the terms of your rental agreement with the owner.

Once you have a full understanding of the terms of your rental, ask the owner to send you their rental contract, review to insure it is correct, sign and return at which time your deposit will be paid. This ensures both parties understand what is expected of them and will contain all points reference your booking as well as terms and conditions and house policies.

Before making any payment always speak to the owner through the number published to confirm payment details and protect yourself against Phishing. Learn what Phishing is here.

It is common for an owner to request a deposit of up to 50% when confirming your booking. Although different owners will request payments in many ways, we suggest for your safety to only make payments via credit card, personal cheque or PayPal. Credit card and Paypal payments offer charge-back protection should any issues arise with your booking. Never pay in cash as there is no method for refund.

Make sure to follow the payment policies agreed to insure there are no issues with your booking.

It is a good idea for travellers to take out travel insurance and we suggest Cheap Travel Insurance from Akilar for the best service and price.

Akilar.com is constantly monitoring all listings to prevent fraudulent advertising. As a renter, it is always best to be vigilant though in choosing your rental home. If a property is advertised much cheaper than other equivalent homes and sounds too good to be true, question this. If contact becomes difficult with the owner, make sure to speak to them to understand why as contact is important especially once you have arrived in Spain. If you have concerns with a particular property, please contact customer support here as we take all complaints seriously.

Make sure to have all contact details for the manager of the property in Spain in case of any problems or issues with the house.

You have now made you agreement and payments safely, we suggest following the arrivals and departures tips to insure your time in Spain is worry free!

Akilar's arrival and departure checklist for your rental home

You have arrived at your chosen holiday home in Spain and it is important to understand any points about your potential rented home.

  • Make sure to have all contact details form the manager or owner when they check you in.
  • Find out all rules of the house and the urbanization.
  • In case of electricity failure, ask if there are candles or torches available and as well find out where the electric panel is as in Spain sometimes a breaker will trip unexpectedly.
  • Ask the agent about the area to get a first hand knowledge of things to do and where the areas are to visit.
  • Make arrangements on what time you are to check out and that the manager will be there.
  • On checking out, make sure the manager checks the house for any points of damage and agree that you have left the home in excellent condition.

Once you have returned home, we ask that you visit the property advert and make a review of your visit and experiences for future travellers to know exactly what they can expect from renting this holiday home. Be honest as owners need to know if there are any issues.

Travel insurance

Akilar.com has teamed up with Cheap Travel Insurance to offer you the best protection and prices for your holiday to Spain. There are many options offered and we suggest to view all to ensure you have requested the perfect insurance package.

Get You Insurance Here

What is Phishing?

Phishing is online identity theft when someone is able to capture you email details and access your inbox. Payments can be requested as well as accessing in login details for banks and other financial institutions.

  • Always use secure online payment services when making payments with credit/debit cards.
  • If making payment via Paypal, make sure to confirm by phone who the payments is supposed to go to.
  • Owners should suggest that renters purchase travel insurance protecting their cost.
  • If you receive an email with attachment and you do not know who the sender is, do not open the attachment.
  • Never provide personal details to anyone through email.
  • A legitimate business will never ask you for personal information through email.

When speaking to a caller on the telephone, always ask something which only they would know!