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Altea Fiestas Spanish CultureFiestas in Spain is something to be both enjoyed and experienced for they represent a true taste of Spanish culture. There is no better place than Altea for you to get involved in one of the many fiestas which are celebrated. Most have an abundance of food and drink available along with street dancing which last well into the evening and night with some lasting as long as a week.
As stated before there are many fiestas here in the town of Altea, some of them correspond to an important occasion in the towns history.
Things to Do altea Moors and Christians This fiesta is celebrated between the 22 and 24 of April in Alcoy and many different places along the Spanish coast. The participants act out the battles between the Arabs and the Christians that took place during an 800 year period ending in 1492 for control of the Iberian peninsula.


Just imagine, the armies are preparing for war in the city of Alcoy, the mood is a festive one,

Fuentes del Algar, waterfall of Algar, Altea, Costa Blanca, Along the Costa Blanca coastline lies the village of Callosa de'n Sarria. In one direction it is 10km to Altea and in the other direction it is 15km to Benidorm. Close to the village you will find the impressive waterfall of Algar.


If you are tired of the hot Spanish beaches then a trip to Fuentes del Algar is in order.

Levante Beach, Mundomar, Mundomar Marine and Exotic Animal Park, Costa Blanca, Located on the northern portion of Levante Beach, Mundomar is home for tourists that want to experience the beauty of ocean wildlife. Here at Mundomar Marine and Exotic Animal Park the dolphins have proved to be the most popular exhibition with all of their tricks and also their friendly manner towards the audience. If you are lucky, some visitors get to feel and pet them. Besides the dolphin show visit the trained seal lions where they perform some really amazing tricks and if you get to close these lovable animals will splash you.
Things to do Altea Villajoyosa WallsThis small fishing village of Villajoyosa is located on one half of a wide sandy beach with a small harbour one end. You can't miss the village with its tiny brightly painted houses. It is said that they were painted this way in order that the fishermen could find their way home or just that one too many sangria's.
Moors and Christians Iberian PeninsulaThe Reconquista (Recapturing) was a period of 800 years in the Middle Ages during which several Christian kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula succeeded in retaking the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims. The Muslims started there take over of the Iberian Peninsula during the 8th century by taking the Christian Visigothic kingdom that extended over most the whole peninsula except for major parts of Galicia, the Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country.
Tings to do in Alfas del PiAlfas del Pi is located in the Spanish region of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Its landmark is a watchtower, built in the Fisherman's Quarter in 1554 to alert the townsfolk of imminent attack by marauding pirates better known as Barbary pirates. They raided this section of the coast for a number of years
Aqualandia Water Park Benidorm Aqualandia Water Park is one of Benidorms most popular tourist attractions and can be reached locally by car or bus. The park is a haven for sun and thrill-seekers alike with a wide range of slides and water-based activities for all the family. There are also a number of sun terraces with loungers, hammocks and chairs for lazing in the summer sun.
Things to Do in Altea Next door to Terra Mitica, visitors will find Terra Natura, a wildlife park divided into continents that mirror their inhabitants, whether that be animal, tribal, flora and fauna. Visitors can also sample the traditional foods of each continent at the park's restaurants.


Terra Mitica theme park Benidorm altea costa blanca alicante Terra Mitica theme park is Benidorm's top tourist day out. The park is an exciting playground for those seeking thrills and adventure. It caters for all fear levels and for children of all ages! even big, grown-up ones!

However, even if you are not an adrenalin junkie, there are more sedate rides and choices including river rides. For the little ones Terra Mitica has cleverly created 15 children's rides that mirror the grown-up...

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