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Narrow Gauge Railway

If you have the time or if you don't, take the time anyway and take a trip on the Narrow Gauge Railway to another time and place. The rumble of the wheels on the small tracks just makes the journey that much more enjoyable. Don't discount the scenery and the truly Spanish villages along the way. There is so much beauty to be enjoyed, while on your way to your Benidorm holidays. Not only can you travel to Benidorm but on the schedule is Denia, Altea, Calpe and Teulada. So lets start our travel and this is how it is done starting from, Alicante Airport.

There are two things that has to be made absolutely clear concerning this trip from Alicante to Benidorm. First the state owned RENFE train system has nothing to do with Ferrocarril de la Generalitat Valenciana or FGV, the train to Benidorm, so don't go to the train station in downtown Alicante (estacion de trenes). Second there is not a train station at the airport even though they planned one some time ago. The question is how do we get there and where is it. The "how" is you take a bus, the airport bus C-6, to Puerta de Mar. Be ready for a long journey of approximately 45 minutes to reach the end of the line. The "where" is Avenida de Villajoyosa located at the north end of the harbour. Unfortunately the bus station of Purta de Mar is not at the FGV train station but with the Alicante Streetcar service you can be there in one minute

A short synopsis of your journey is as follows, Alicante Airport->Airport Bus C6->Alicante Streetcar Station Puerta del Mar->FGV Station or EL Campello->Change to Narrow Gauge Railway at FGV Station to Denia, Altea, Calpe

While you are on your Costa Blanca Holidays, if it sounds like a long journey to you but remember it is less than an hour, weigh this against the fun and enjoyment you can get out of the trip and what better way to travel to Benidorm than by Narrow Gauge Railway.