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Altea Holiday Guide

Holiday Rentals in Altea - Tourist Information Guide

Altea Holiday Rentals
Visit the Beautiful Costa Blanca area of Altea

Why Holiday in the Altea Area

Altea offers low cost private holidays on relaxing and quiet beaches. is full of restaurants, rural beauty, historical places that will compel you visit. Here, in the Akilar Holiday Guide, we have collected all of the information for you, holiday Tips and Guides, all to insure you the best holidaying experience in Altea. Altea, a beautiful area, is a fantastic choice for your Holiday to Spain and a nice relaxing break, the tranquillity and peacefulness of the area as well as stunning white sand beaches will strike you as soon as you arrive. Akilar helps you select a perfect villa or private rental home for your Holiday in Altea when choosing where to stay, you will see that there is a great choice of Altea villas and apartments on offer for your ALTEA HOLIDAYS in the COSTA BLANCA with a choice to suit every taste and budget. All accommodation no matter what size is well equipped for your stay to be as enjoyable as possible. It is understandable why so many visit akilar.com to assist with BOOKING their luxury villa or apartment for their holiday rentals in Spain.

The beaches in the area are beautiful with a mixture of sand and pebbles with beautiful scenery and the warming waters of the Mediterranean. There are 3 beaches in Altea, MASCARAT BEACH which is a small inlet with good diving, CAP NEGRET BEACH an open beach 2 kilometres long , and PLAYA LA RODA BEACH which is a continuation of Cap Negret Beach stretching all the way to the fishing port, it is the most bustling beach with two dive centres and has been awarded the European Blue Flag.

The Climate in Altea is great for your Altea Holidays as it benefits from the Mediterranean weather insurring it is mild all year round with little rainfall and 300 days of sunshine per year on average, so you are guaranteed a pleasant stay at any time of the year. The summer months are July and August as this is when the temperatures can reach the 40 degrees mark with the sun at its strongest during this period, although in September the temperatures can reach the 30's as well. The summer months are the busiest with the crowds being endless so if you prefer to have a quieter holiday the winter is the best time to visit.

The night life in Altea is fairly quiet but you will find amazing restaurants and bars for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a meal and drinks enjoying the tranquil atmosphere, however there are several bars which are late bars you can enjoy until the sun comes up. There is something to suit everyone in the evenings in Altea.

History of Altea

Altea Holidays for History
The fabulous Blue Dome Church

Altea has a rich history of many culturural influences from many different civilisations over thousands of years such as the Iberian tribes, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs amongst many others. It is said that the Greeks named Altea with the original name being Althaia (meaning ìI healî). With the varied cultures and remains, a historian will throughly enjoy their holiday in spain in the Altea area.

During the period of reign by the Arabs over Altea, the land around it belonged to the Taifa de Denia and it was not until 1244 that the native Spaniards, led by Jaime I, recaptured the land. When the Spanish took over the land they quickly enclosed the town and fortified it. There is an area known as the old town which had walls erected to protect it from outsiders, it was at this time that the marine district called Rabal of the Sea was created.

On one of your planned days out from your Altea Villa make sure to visit the most famous landmark in Altea known as the church with ìblue domesî, built at the beginning of the last century. It was dedicated to the Mother of God of Consuelo (our lady of solace), the dome on the top is Levantino style and made from crystal ceramics.

The 20th century saw Altea become very bohemian with many Artists, writers, painters and sculptors of different nationalities coming to the area setting up small workshops and factories so they could work and produce their crafts in the tranquillity of the area. As a result of the creativity seen in Altea it was awarded the title of ìCultural Capital of the Valencias Region.î Unfortunately as time progressed and tourism grew and many of the workshops and factories were turned into bars, restaurants and hotels. Thanks to the shops and stalls there is still a very creative feel to the area and it is still possible to buy local hand crafted goods from the artists when on your Costa Blanca Holidays.

Altea Holiday Rentals Information

Altea Holiday Rentals Photos
Holiday beach of Benidorm

When choosing one of the many holiday rentals available in Altea you will notice there is plenty of choice for rental villas or apartments for groups of any size holidaying together. The Altea area offers a plentiful array of beautiful beaches and the feel of a quiet fishing village. You will find many lovely bars and restaurants if you want to venture out of your HOLIDAY RENTAL VILLA IN ALTEA for the evenings.

There is a good choice of holiday rentals in Altea, including small villas and apartments with balconies or terraces suitable for couples or small families, also larger apartments for groups and usually with more than one bathroom. If you want luxury accommodation you will find a wide range of stunning villas with private pools and enough room on the terraces to enjoy barbecues and cool drinks with family or friends after a long day on the beach or sightseeing.

Most self catering holiday rental villa and apartment in Altea is well equipped with modern kitchens which allow you to cook a family meal or just the odd snack guaranteeing you to feel at home during your stay. There are stunning views from the villas and easy access to beaches, markets and restaurants so you will not be lost for something to do when staying in an Altea apartment.

If you are looking for livelier nightlife in the Altea area then Akilar recommends to choose a BENIDORM VILLA for your villa in Spain to rent. So why a Villa in Benodorm? Benidorm is a central point for the Altea area making access to the area very easy. So whichever Apartment or villa suits your needs, you are certain to find the perfect holiday home for your stay in Altea.

Special Information for Booking Holiday Rentals in Altea

Check the adverts for special discount rates when choosing your RENTALS IN SPAIN. Most ALTEA RENTAL PROPERTIES will offer a discount based on either early booking or even a last minute booking. Some also offer long term rental prices if this is your requirement. Check the winter rates as this is considered the low season.

Must See Sights and Attractions in Altea

Altea Holiday Villas near Attractions
A day out at local theme parks

Although Altea is a quiet little fishing village, it does not mean that there is little to see and do, not only are there beautiful beaches to relax on, there are plenty of water sports to participate in and historic landmarks to visit should you want to learn a little more about the Altea area and its history.

One of the most important landmarks not only for Altea, but the whole of the Costa Blanca, is the La Virgin de la Consuelo church. It is located at the top of the village and is most recognisable by its blue and white crystal tiled dome. When you walk to the top of the hill to view the church up close, you will see the square with a selection of restaurants and bars, very popular with visitors and locals. There are breathtaking views from the top of the hill over Altea bay and the Mediterranean so make sure to take a day trip out from your Altea Villa to visit the sights.

The old Town of Altea, commonly known as the Fornet, is next to the Church of Consolation. It has quaint little cobbled streets and lined with white houses common throughout Spain. This is a perfect setting for a relaxing refreshment and time waster of the day to just sit back and enjoy. You will also find quaint restaurants to dine and enjoy the beautiful views.

Altea Palace is also a very popular place of interest as it is the Culture and congress centre for Altea. At the palace there are many opera events held each year, so not only is it a beautiful place to see you can also enjoy a concert whilst on your Altea holiday.

As with the entire Costa Blanca, the beaches in Altea are beautiful and enticing. There are two main beaches with a mixture of sand and pebbles and are perfect to relax on. If you are more adventurous there are two water sports centres serving Altea, El Club Nautico, and the El Puerto Deportivo de Luis Campomanes, both of which offer diving, windsurfing, fishing, boat cruises, and sailing. With all of the activities on hand it is understandable why toutist choose Altea as a destination for their Holidays in Spain. Spend a few minutes looking through all of the things to do (link to next page)

Villages around Altea

Rural Villages on Altea Holidays
A Day Out to Many of the Local Villages

There are many rural little villages around Altea, some of which have historic roots and are worth visiting if you want to venture out and about from your villa in Spain. These rural villages are lovely for a day out in rural Spain and a visit to one should not be missed.

Alfaz del Pi is a small rural village in the area of Altea which was made into a fortified settlement to protect against the Barbary pirates who would regularly attack this part of the Spanish coast. The village was once a battleground for the Moors and Christians, however now is just a beautiful resort with crystal clear waters. In Alfaz del Pi you will find several historical sites like the San Jose church, well worth a visit and also while there try traditional Spanish tapas bars which should be visited for lunch and refreshments after all of the sight seeing enjoyed.

Finestrat is another pretty town in the area of Altea, it is a very old inland mountain village but is very unusual as the village is inclusive of a small tourist resort by the sea called Cala Finestrat. Either are fantastic destinations to choose for your Costa Blanca Villa. The mountain part of the village has beautiful views of the sea and the architecture is very colourful with a distinctive Moorish feel, there is a market every Friday well worth a visit. Cala Finestrat is a lovely little beach resort with everything you could need for either a day out or a holiday, The beaches are perfect, there are restaurants and bars in the area and arts and crafts markets on in the afternoons in summer.

All of the rural villages around the Altea area are fairly quiet, perfect for a relaxing holiday or day out. If you choose a Benidorm villa for you holiday, you can still venture out to visit the rural villages due to its location being so central. Akilar.com has put together a list of villages to plan your Altea holiday around (link to next page)

Golfing Around Altea

Altea Holiday Rentals Golf Trips
Don Cayo's Stunning Course

Golfing on the Costa Blanca is very popular with plenty of courses to choose from insuring there will always be a golf course close to your private holiday rental in Spain you have let. The main reason golf is so popular in the area is due to the weather being so good all year round. There are many stunning courses and two of the main courses are in the Altea area.

The Don Cayo Golf Club, a 9 hole course, is a popular course in Altea and is located in the foothills of the Sierra Bernia mountains. The course opened in 1974 and was designed by the architects Pedro Barber and Gregorio Sands. The Don Cayo Golf club is a very well kept golf course and has beautiful views, The golf course is described as strenuous and has several difficult holes to play making it ideal for the experienced golfer. The club offers hire of buggy's, bags and clubs as well as an on site golf school run by professionals.

Sierra Cortina Pitch and Putt is located in Finestrat, a small rural village near to Altea and is ideal for both beginners and the more experienced player. There are golf lessons for beginners who need to practice beforehand although it is not required that they meet the official handicap. Experienced golfers will enjoy the course and should be able to play around all the hazards on the course. Children will also enjoy this course although they should only play the shorter distances.

Wherever you have chosen your Costa Blanca villa the views are always beautiful, so when you are enjoying a day out on the golf course around Altea you can also take in the sights of the surrounding areas and enjoy the fresh air. You can view most of the area golf courses and their details here. (link to next page)

Fiesta's in the Altea Area

Fiestas during Altea Holidays
The local Fiestas are Like NO Other

Spain is well known for its colourful fiestas and Altea is no different, there are several fiestas on the calendar during each year and are all colourful enjoyable spectacles and great for the tourist to experience while on their HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN.

The first Fiesta of the year in Altea is held in honour of the Cristo de la Salut, it runs from 20th January to 5th February and involves the locals participating in processions to honour the Holy Christ of Health. During this there are bands playing in the cultural centre in the town with local food and drink to enjoy and most enjoyable are the colourful sights to see.

In June is a festival in honour of San Pedro who was a sailor and La Virgen Carmen, the festival has Christian aspects to it although it is primarily to celebrate summer solstice. Around 3,000 residents join in with singing, dancing and the decorated boat festival as well as the procession of the statue of St. Peter. There is also the feast of St. Peter who was the Patron saint of fishermen. This festival dates back to the 1930's and has always been held on the same dates ñ June 24th to 29th.

August 12th to 14th is the fiesta of Sant Llorens, which follows the fiesta of San Roque who was a protector against the plague, followed by the festival of San Lorenzo displaying the most spectacular fireworks tourists will have ever seen, this is held at Castell de l'Olla. There are other events which happen during the year as well.

In the last week of September the fiestas taking place are in honour of the Santa Assim Crist del Sagrari and Sant Blai (patron saint of the town). Also the traditional Moors and Christians celebrations take place at this time and is when the locals dress up and have mock battles of the past. There is also great local food and drink on offer and the atmosphere is that of a party.

It is a good idea to book your self catering holiday rentals accommodation around the fiesta time as a Spanish feast is not only for the eyes and ears but with all that local food and drink which is on offer it really is a great time as you will want to come back year after year to enjoy!A list of fiesta's is available so you can plan your holiday to enjoy at least one. (link to next page)

Dining and Nightlife Around Altea

Dining out on Your Altea Holiday Rentals
A night at the Benidorm Palace

Altea is more of a relaxed holiday destination for your own private villa in Spain with no sign of the loud discos and nightclubs that you as on Benidorm Holidays, however there are many restaurants to enjoy fine cuisine and chat over an exquisite bottle of local wine. There are plenty of bars to choose from in the Altea area and just because the area is somewhat quieter than other parts of the Costa Blanca, early nights still shouldnít be expected as many of the bars will stay open until the early hours.

The restaurant Stromboli, located at the top of the old quarter, serves great pizza and pasta and is noted for its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Another is Oustau, a venue for a very special evening, the food is fantastic and is very popular even out of season making booking is recommendation. If you have a wander around the old town you are sure to find a restaurant perfect for you, most even have beautiful views of the coastline.

On Altea's seafront there is an abundance of restaurants so you may be spoilt for choice! There are restaurants specialising in fresh fish, also a restaurant called America Cup and is guaranteed to have something for everyone to enjoy. Gula, a well know seafront restaurant, is the ideal place for a relaxing meal at reasonable prices, perfectly situated on the seafront allowing you to watch the world go by.

There are plenty of bars in Altea to choose from after enjoying your meal out. There are cafe bars perfect for finishing off a relaxed evening or party bars with DJís staying open much later. One popular music bar is Cocoon Fusion Bar located in the old town, here you will find a party atmosphere with great DJís to dance the night away. Bar La Mascarada is a great little champagne and cocktail bar in the old town open until 2am and the mojitos are considered to be the best around, it is easy to lose yourself in this cosy bar while drinking cocktails and enjoying the atmosphere. Macao Lounge bar at the Marina is the perfect place for a casual drink as it overlooks the marina with stunning scenery and is open from 10 until 4am, so the party can go on for as long as you want. Should you be a family and chosen this area for your Spanish Holiday Rentals you will also find bars which are child friendly one of which is Tiki Taka Peques, a bar serving bar food, traditional Spanish food and has a children's play area.

When choosing a Villa in Spain to Rent, Altea may be a quieter area than most but offers plenty of atmosphere, dining and nigt life for all to enjoy.

Shopping in and Around Altea

Menorca Holiday Rentals for your Souveniers
Shopping in Altea For Souveniers

Shopping in Altea is different than that of other areas on the Costa Blanca as it is a small tranquil area where you will not find the large shopping centre's but instead you will find yourself wandering along the winding cobbled streets in the old town lined with beautiful small shops where local artists sell crafts and gifts to the tourists. There is also a craft Altea and offering a variety of locally made items at great prices. The main shopping street in Altea is the Avenida del Rey Jaime 1 and along this street you will find excellent shops selling clothes, shoes, furniture and leather. The esplanade in Altea is the best place to purchase your English daily national newspapers and sit in one of the lovely little cafe's reading your paper.

If it's markets which interest you then just north of Altea is La Nuncia which has a great open air market on Sundays. It is a large market selling clothes, shoes, bags, fruit and veg and much more, there are also plenty of mini markets which will sell your essential holiday provisions.

If you are looking for more of a shopping centre with large department stores and other shops during your ALTEA HOLIDAYS, you can take a short bus ride to Benidorm where you will find a very large hypermarket and many other shops including souvenir shops. Benidorm also has markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the most popular goods being leather, pottery linens and wickerwork. Shopping could not be easier by looking here. (link to next page)

Best Times to Visit the Altea Area

The resort of Altea is pleasant all year round with the hottest and busiest months being July and August. During this period all of the restaurants, bars and hotels are open, beaches crowded and a buzzing atmosphere and much more to do than in the winter period.

If you do not like crowds, the spring and Autumn months are both slightly quieter, however there are still a plenty of restaurants, bars and shops open as the weather is still very pleasant. Sightseeing is still enjoyable as is a relaxing day on the beach.

The winter months are the quietest time to visit Altea and like the rest of the Costa Blanca holiday destinations, most businesses will either have reduced staff or close completely for the winter season. Although if it is total relaxation you are after without a sign of the crowds, this is a great time to visit. The weather in the winter is still fairly mild, however there can be rain on occasion's. The other added bonus about visiting in the winter are the discounted flights and holiday prices on offer!

Of course another great time to visit Altea is festival time making for a great experience and any tourist visiting Spain will not want to miss these. With all of the different festivals to choose from you will find there are many different times of the year to take your Costa Holidays.

Climate for the Altea Area

Altea benefits from the Mediterranean climate due to its location on the Costa Blanca therefore having fairly mild weather all year round. The summer months of July and August are the hottest months with temperatures reaching the late 30's, this is when the sun is at its strongest and can possibly be that hot in September.

The months of October and November are cooler but not cold so is still pleasant for nice days out to do a spot of sightseeing or shopping. November is the wettest month and it is more likely to rain than any other time of the year. The temperature at this time can be anything between 11 and 21 degrees.

December to February are classed as the real winter months and can feel a lot cooler although the temperatures are still somewhere around 6 to 13 degrees.

Altea begins to warm up around March and this is when the sunny days start to appear as you can feel the summer approaching, Altea has around 300 days of sunshine each year making it an ideal holiday rentals in Spain destination.

Getting To and Around the Altea Area

Altea is served by Alicante Airport which is approximately a 45 minutes drive away. Most holidaymakers will fly into Alicante either booking a transfer or collecting their hire car to reach their holiday destination. Valencia and Murcia airports are only a 90 minute drive away so passengers may fly into one of these airports. There are many chartered and budget airlines flying into the airports from all over Europe each day and the flights from the UK take around 2.5 hours offering a large choice for passengers.

If you prefer to drive to your Costa Blanca Villas in Altea, there are ferries running from Folkstone to Calais daily and can add loads of fun and adventure to the beginning of your holiday as you will see different countries whilst driving. Do be aware of the toll roads as you will need the correct currency for them. Another option is to travel with one of the luxury coach companies which stop in Altea daily.

When you are getting around Altea from your holiday rentals in Spain, the obvious option would be to hire a car as this would give you the freedom to explore the area fully without any restrictions, you can even drive through the mountains to take in the beautiful sights. If you prefer not to drive while you are on your holiday, there are plenty of buses stopping in the surrounding areas like Benidorm, and there are trains which serve Altea and all the way to Calpe and Denia. There are plenty of taxis available in the area also, however these can prove to be very expensive.

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Altea Fiestas Spanish CultureFiestas in Spain is something to be both enjoyed and experienced for they represent a true taste of Spanish culture. There is no better place than Altea for you to get involved in one of the many fiestas which are celebrated. Most have an abundance of food and drink available along with street dancing which last well into the evening and night with some lasting as long as a week.
As stated before there are many fiestas here in the town of Altea, some of them correspond to an important occasion in the towns history.
Things to Do altea Moors and Christians This fiesta is celebrated between the 22 and 24 of April in Alcoy and many different places along the Spanish coast. The participants act out the battles between the Arabs and the Christians that took place during an 800 year period ending in 1492 for control of the Iberian peninsula.


Just imagine, the armies are preparing for war in the city of Alcoy, the mood is a festive one,

Fuentes del Algar, waterfall of Algar, Altea, Costa Blanca, Along the Costa Blanca coastline lies the village of Callosa de'n Sarria. In one direction it is 10km to Altea and in the other direction it is 15km to Benidorm. Close to the village you will find the impressive waterfall of Algar.


If you are tired of the hot Spanish beaches then a trip to Fuentes del Algar is in order.

Levante Beach, Mundomar, Mundomar Marine and Exotic Animal Park, Costa Blanca, Located on the northern portion of Levante Beach, Mundomar is home for tourists that want to experience the beauty of ocean wildlife. Here at Mundomar Marine and Exotic Animal Park the dolphins have proved to be the most popular exhibition with all of their tricks and also their friendly manner towards the audience. If you are lucky, some visitors get to feel and pet them. Besides the dolphin show visit the trained seal lions where they perform some really amazing tricks and if you get to close these lovable animals will splash you.
Things to do Altea Villajoyosa WallsThis small fishing village of Villajoyosa is located on one half of a wide sandy beach with a small harbour one end. You can't miss the village with its tiny brightly painted houses. It is said that they were painted this way in order that the fishermen could find their way home or just that one too many sangria's.
Moors and Christians Iberian PeninsulaThe Reconquista (Recapturing) was a period of 800 years in the Middle Ages during which several Christian kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula succeeded in retaking the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims. The Muslims started there take over of the Iberian Peninsula during the 8th century by taking the Christian Visigothic kingdom that extended over most the whole peninsula except for major parts of Galicia, the Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country.
Tings to do in Alfas del PiAlfas del Pi is located in the Spanish region of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Its landmark is a watchtower, built in the Fisherman's Quarter in 1554 to alert the townsfolk of imminent attack by marauding pirates better known as Barbary pirates. They raided this section of the coast for a number of years
Aqualandia Water Park Benidorm Aqualandia Water Park is one of Benidorms most popular tourist attractions and can be reached locally by car or bus. The park is a haven for sun and thrill-seekers alike with a wide range of slides and water-based activities for all the family. There are also a number of sun terraces with loungers, hammocks and chairs for lazing in the summer sun.
Things to Do in Altea Next door to Terra Mitica, visitors will find Terra Natura, a wildlife park divided into continents that mirror their inhabitants, whether that be animal, tribal, flora and fauna. Visitors can also sample the traditional foods of each continent at the park's restaurants.


Terra Mitica theme park Benidorm altea costa blanca alicante Terra Mitica theme park is Benidorm's top tourist day out. The park is an exciting playground for those seeking thrills and adventure. It caters for all fear levels and for children of all ages! even big, grown-up ones!

However, even if you are not an adrenalin junkie, there are more sedate rides and choices including river rides. For the little ones Terra Mitica has cleverly created 15 children's rides that mirror the grown-up...

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