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Barcelona Holiday Guide

Holiday Rentals in Barcelona - Tourist Information Guide

Barcelona Holiday Rentals
Stunning City of Barcelona for your Holidays


Why Holiday in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great destination for a holiday in Spain which is probably why so many people visit each year. Whether it is for the beautiful Mediterranean climate, the perfect beaches, the city's hustle and bustle or maybe to explore the area and its amazing history. The holiday area has a wide choice of villa and apartments for rent. Whether for a large family in a private villa with pool or a city centre apartment with stunning views, Barcelona will have accommodation for all. Search through Akilar.com and view the many rental villas, homes and apartments in the Barcelona holiday area.

Barcelona is great for a weekend break or a longer holiday with the family as there are plenty of things to see and do. The city is very historical and has many landmarks, monuments and museums to explore, so if you are a history enthusiast you will have great fun learning more about this beautiful city.

If you want to have a beach holiday in the summer there are many beautiful white sandy beaches to choose from with an ample choice of activities such as watersports. The weather in the summer is a great time to enjoy a lazy beach holiday either in Barcelona itself or one of the surrounding towns and villages.

There are a few towns and villages in and around Barcelona, each with their own attractions and although they are quieter than the City, they are still worth considering when you are planning your holiday. Nearby is Castelldefels and is very historic with the Olympic Canal, Can Ballester and Barona defence towers to explore. If you want to relax while on holiday in Castelldefels the beautiful beaches are perfect.

The weather in Barcelona is mostly mild all year round, due to its Mediterranean climate the summers are very hot at around 40 degrees on some days and the winters can be up to 14 degrees with just a few colder days and a little rain. Visiting Barcelona at any time of the year would be pleasant although when you visit would depend on the type of holiday you want.

Nightlife in Barcelona is varied as the city offers a very diverse and some would say chic nightlife, with fine restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The surrounding areas are generally quieter with most people opting to take a stroll along the esplanades and stopping to have quiet drinks and meals in the beautiful restaurants, some of which overlook the sea.

When you have decided which part of Barcelona to stay in and chosen your rental accommodation, you can look forward to having a lot of fun on your holiday.

History of Barcelona

History on Barcelona Holidays
Enjoy the History of Barcelona

Barcelona is a very historical City and was founded by the Carthaginians in 230BC who gave it the original name of Barcino. The Romans had a big influence on the city when they took over in 206BC ruling for 600 years. The Roman citadel was located where the cathedral and city hall now stand. Roman law, language and culture took hold of the region during their rule.

The Visgoths took Barcelona away from the Romans and renamed it once again as Barcinona and made it their capital between 531 and 554 until moving to Toledo. The Visgoth reign came to an end in 711 when the moors from Africa invaded Catalunya briefly, they were defeated by the Franks in 732. The city was reconquered in 801 by Charlemagne's troops.

During the 11th Century Barcelona successfully invaded Cordoba which brought them significant wealth and good economy and it was at this time the city began developing rapidly and other Catalan counties united and elected Barcelona as their Capital.

Barcelona began to prosper in the 12th century and the count at the time, Ramon Berenguer IV married the daughter of the King of Aragon, Petronila of Aragon, uniting the 2 territories. With this brought a vast increase of political and economical power. The city blossomed and attracted merchants from around the world.

In 1888 the Barcelona world fair took place in Catalunya and in the 19th century Barcelona started to become the culturally avant garde city it is today. In 1923 General Primo de Rivera came to power and ruled Spain as a dictatorship. He was generally supported by the Spanish and ruled with an iron fist banning the Catalan language. General Primo de Rivera ruled until 1931 when the first Catalan republic was established.

The Spanish Civil occurred between 1936 and 1939, bringing another dictator to power in Barcelona, Franco and as a result of this thousands of people fled to France. In 1975 Franco finally died and the area became a democracy and went from strength to strength it hosted the Olympics, enjoyed great boosts in tourism and economy and is still continuing to grow today.

It is easily understood why tourists today choose Barcelona for their Holiday rentals in Spain destinations with the vast history and culture to enjoy.

Barcelona Holiday Rentals Information

Holiday Barcelona Villas and Beaches
Barcelona Holiday Attractions

Barcelona, known as Spain's “Golden Coast”, is a great place to take your holiday in Spain, with beautiful beaches, clear blue sea and a great nightlife, you will always find something to occupy your time. There are many activities in and around the city from sightseeing and exploring to watersports and golf as well. Barcelona has a vast choice of rental villas and apartments to choose from and no matter what size your holiday group is, you're sure to find the perfect accommodation to suit your requirements and budget for your Spain Holiday Rentals.

Barcelona is a great choice of Spanish holiday destinations at any time of the year as it benefits from the beautiful Mediterranean weather all year round. Summers are very hot and this is when the area becomes crowded with tourists. If you are looking for a more relaxed holiday without the crowds the winters are still mild and would be a good time to visit. Whenever you decide to visit Barcelona you are guaranteed to have a great holiday.

The city is very historic and there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities with monuments, beautiful old buildings and museums, so if you're a history enthusiast you will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about the area.

If you like a lively nightlife, Barcelona offers anything you could possibly want from top class and family restaurants to bars and nightclubs and you will find a good choice of villas in the city so that you can party all night and have only a short walk back to your Barcelona holiday apartment. If you prefer the peace and quiet, there are apartments and villas in and around Barcelona offering communal or private pools and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Castelldefels is a village near to Barcelona which is near to the beach and the Olympic canal with a good choice of villas and apartments for a quieter holiday. Sitges is a lively area close to Barcelona with plenty of entertainment to choose from and if it is something different, Vilafranca del Penedes has not only villas and apartments but also old rustic cottages to rent for your holiday rentals in Spain accommodation.

Whatever type of holiday you want when visiting Barcelona you are guaranteed to find the perfect accommodation in the best location so that you can relax and enjoy your time away.

Special Information for Booking Holiday Rentals in Barcelona

Check the adverts for special discount rates when choosing your RENTALS IN SPAIN. Most BARCELONA RENTAL PROPERTIES will offer a discount based on either early booking or even a last minute booking. Some also offer long term rental prices if this is your requirement. Check the winter rates as this is considered the low season.

Must See Sights and Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona Holiday Rental Apartments Close to Activities
Things to do on Barcelona Holidays

There are many sights and attractions to be seen and experienced in Barcelona while you are on a day out from your Barcelona holiday rental villa or apartment. One important sight to visit is the famous La Sagrada Familia which is a giant temple designed by Antonio Gaudi and been under construction since 1882 and theywith still another 30 to 80 years of building depending on funding. The temple is breathtaking and the design amazing inside and out, Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

A good day out for all the family in Barcelona is the Barcelona Aquarium, this is a very popular attraction and little ones will really enjoy it. The Aquarium is in the Barcelona port area, and is a huge place with many different types of sealife.

Illa Fantasia waterpark is a brilliant day out for all the family, it is an adrenalin fuelled fun packed place that will have you laughing and screaming all at once! The little ones have smaller slides and pools to enjoy so it is perfect for the entire family.

The nearby area of Castelldefels has a castle which is worth a visit when you are looking for a day out from your holiday rental villa or apartment. It stands on the Garrif Hills and there are beautiful views from the summit. The castle is Romanesque style and you can still see remains from the 10th century.

If you are a wine connoisseur or just interested in tasting the local wines which are produced in the area, there is an attraction called Torres Wine Cellars in Vilafranca del Penedes. Here you can visit the winery and see how the wine is made from picking the grapes to the final product and also have a taste. Spend a few minutes looking through all of the things to do

Villages around Barcelona

Barcelona Holiday Rentals in Villages
One of Many Barcelona Villages

There are many little rural villages around Barcelona to visit while you are on your holidays in Spain with lots of things to see and do. The area of Barcelona is on the coast so most of them have beautiful sandy beaches to relax on while you are not taking part in the many activities on offer or sightseeing.

Sitges is 35km south of Barcelona and is well known for its carnivals, beautiful weather and nightlife. Sitges is a beach town with plenty of things to see and do including the Maricel Palace which was brought in by millionaire Charles Deering to house his collection of art. There are many beaches to take advantage of as well as good nightlife.

Castelldefels has lots of watersports available including canoeing in the Olympic canal. There is a castle called Fels in the town to explore and also where the town got its name from. For history enthusiasts the medieval defence towers, Can Ballester and Barona Tower are of great interest.

The Capital of the Comarca (County) Vilafranca del Penedes is good for a day out with the church of Santa Maria which is gothic in style and museums to visit for those who are interested in learning more about the history of the town. Many different wines are made in the town with the wineries offering wine tasting days. Vilafranca has several top class restaurants so you will be guaranteed a good night out during your Barcelona holidays. Akilar.com has put together a whole list of villages to plan your holiday around

Golfing in Barcelona

Barcelona Holidays and Fiestas
Stunning Golf Courses Around Barcelona

If you are thinking about where to take your next golfing holiday, Barcelona is a very good choice as there are plenty of golf courses to choose from and with the beautiful Mediterranean weather it is a great place to play golf all year round.

Real Club de Golf El Prat is a golf course situated on the outskirts of Barcelona in Terrassa, the course has 45 holes spread over 2 courses and was designed by Greg Norman. While walking round the course you will see that it has beautiful rolling countryside surrounding and is a challenge for any golfer. The course is usually an exclusive private club, however it is possible to make arrangements to play in advance. The facilities available at the golf club include – Snack bar, restaurant, driving range, Buggy Hire, Pro-shop, golf school and a 9 hole public course.

Sitges Terramar Golf club is another course in the area of Barcelona, it is the second oldest in Catalonia having been built in 1922 and designed by FW Hawtree, Manuel Pinero and Jim Fazio. The micro climate that Sitges is fortunate to have means that golf can be played in perfect conditions at any time of the year with beautiful breathtaking views over the Mediterranean from many holes. The course is not classed as a particularly difficult one, however there are water hazards making it a little challenging but a lot of fun at the same time.

The Vilalba Golf Club is another course in the area of Barcelona which opened in 2006 and designed by Alfonso Vidaor and Magi Sarda. It is an 18 hole golf course with a driving range and 3 short training holes all incorporating the natural surroundings including trees, streams, and embankments which in turn creates a gentle rolling route. The course is great for any standard of golfer and there is a restaurant and a snack bar for use after you have had your day on the golf course. You can view most of the area golf courses and their details here.

Barcelona Fiesta's

Barcelona Holidays and Fiestas
Beautiful Fiestas in Barcelona

As with all of Spain, there are many fiestas which take place in and around Barcelona and they are all very enjoyable events with very historical backgrounds. Fiestas are a tradition which Spain has had for centuries marking different events in the history of the country.

There is a fiesta in Barcelona called Dia de Sant Jordi which means The Day of St George (The Patron Saint of Barcelona). For this festival the Ramblas becomes a large flower market and book stall, men give women the gift of a rose which is similar to St Valentines day and in turn the women give the men a gift of a book in tribute to Cervantes (A Spanish Novelist, Poet and Playwrite) who died on this day (23rd April) in 1616. Cervantes had great influence on the Spanish language, so much in fact, that the language is sometimes called Llengua de cervantes.

La Diada (National Day of Catalonia) is a quieter fiesta in which the residents of Barcelona commemorate the 1714 Siege of Barcelona defeat during the War of the Spanish Succession. On this day people will visit the monuments of Rafael Casanova and General Moragues for their fight against the Bourbon army. Throughout the day of September 11th each year there are also political demonstrations, concerts and celebration events.

Fiestas de la Merce is the main annual festival in Barcelona with many different events taking place from 22nd September. One popular event is a competition to see which group of Castellers can form the highest human tower, there are processions with wooden giants, live music, amazing firework displays and plenty of Cava flowing! This is one of the most enjoyable fiestas holidaymakers can take part in during their Spain holiday rentals. A list of fiesta's is available so you can plan your holiday to enjoy at least one.

Dining and Nightlife in Barcelona

Dining out on Barcelona Holiday Rentals
Micheline star cusine in Barcelona

Dining and nightlife in Barcelona is diverse, the city itself is metropolitan and very busy due to the fact that there are 2 million people living there. The restaurants are varied with anything from traditional Catalan cuisine which may include rabbit, game, lamb or duck, to Spanish tapas bars, fine international restaurants and even takeaway restaurants if you want to feel more at home. The nightlife in Barcelona is lively with many bars and clubs for you to party until the sun comes up! There is something for everyone in the city and you are guaranteed a good night out every night of your holidays.

Sitges is a small town in Barcelona which offers a different nightlife to that of Barcelona City as the town has a large gay scene. One of the nicest ways to spend an evening in the town is to take a walk along the waterfront Esplanade, have a leisurely dinner in one of the many restaurants and then go to one of the open air cafes at around 11pm for a nightcap and people watch. However you may have to search hard to find a bar which is not predominantly gay.

Castelldefels is another small town in the region of Barcelona, it has many options for dining out with anything from, Italian, Chinese, or Mediterranean restaurants among other international cuisines to typical Spanish cuisine but you are sure to find the perfect restaurant for you. The nightlife here is quite limited apart from the quaint bars and a few gay bars, quite often in the summer months holidaymakers will just sit outside the bars and restaurants and enjoy a meal and drinks. If you want a more lively atmosphere with nightclubs and late bars, the best place to be is Barcelona city.

Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona Holiday Villas for Shopping
Shops and Markets in Barcelona

Barcelona is known as one of the most stylish cities in the world, so as you would expect the shopping is of a high standard with many little boutiques along with department stores where you can purchase designer items, well known brands, local and traditional goods. As the cost of living is generally lower in Spain, the shopping in Barcelona usually offers excellent value for money and when there are sales in the shops the value for money is even more apparent. The best places to shop in the city are in and around the old streets in the upper part of the Ramblas and the area around Placa fr Catalunya, Passage de Gracia and further north on streets such as C/Muntaner, D/De Balmes, Avenida Diagonal and Via Augusta. In Barcelona there are many shops selling souvenirs including ceramics, leather, flamenco music and delicious food from the local delicatessens.

Sitges is a small town in the Barcelona area and is a pleasant place to shop as there are many cosy little shops and boutiques selling fashion goods, luxurious items, and much more. The markets in Sitges are a nice way to spend an afternoon selling items such as souvenirs, leather goods, local crafts and jewellery, One of the markets which is called the mercat de sentitis (market of sense) has been open since the middle ages! Calle Perellades, Calle Jesus, Calle Sant Francesc and Calle Major are also very good shopping streets.

Vilafranca del Penedes has very good options for shopping, here you will find the popular 400 stall Saturday market which is visited by thousands of people every week, the market sells many items including food, home products, clothes, agricultural machinery and even live poultry! Another market in the area which is a very enjoyable place to visit is the Craftsmen market, it happens on the second Sunday of every month when around thirty craftsmen go to the market to sell their exclusive goods, such as natural food, pottery, jewellery, glass and much more. Shopping could not be easier as by looking here.

Best Times to Visit Barcelona

Barcelona has very pleasant year round weather which means it is a great place to visit at any time. If you prefer hot weather the summer season would be the best time to visit, obviously with the hot weather come the crowds and this is when Barcelona will be busy and bustling with lots of holidaymakers. The restaurants, bars and beaches will be very busy and there will be plenty of sunbathing and entertainment to enjoy.

If you like being in the hustle and bustle, the summers are the best time of the year to visit and August is generally the busiest. For those who wish to have a quieter holiday with less crowds the best time to visit would be, October, November and the April to June periods. If you enjoy sightseeing holidays then these are also good times to visit.

Barcelona will offer a quiet holiday which does not involve sunbathing on the beaches or by the pool during the winter months. The winters are still mild even if a little rainy with a few cold days. In the winters some businesses close and there are not many people around at all so this is the perfect time to just sit back and relax or take in the sights.

If it is carnivals and fiestas you want then there are specific dates which for these throughout the year, all are great fun and an experience which will never be forgotten. So make sure and plan your Barcelona holidays around these.

Climate for Barcelona

Due its location, Barcelona benefits from the beautiful Mediterranean weather meaning very hot summers, mild winters, little rain and over 300 days of sunshine per year, so it is the perfect place for a holiday to Spain at any time of the year.

The summer months of July and August are very hot with temperatures often climbing to nearly 40 degrees and up to 10 hours of sun per day, this means scorching days and hot balmy evenings. This is the peak season when many tourists choose to visit Barcelona. September is also a summer month, however, can be a little cooler than the peak season and slightly quieter.

The winters which run from November to April, are usually quite mild although there can be a few colder days and a little rain during this time, the temperatures can reach up to 14 degrees and this time of the year is much quieter so it would make a pleasant holiday time to go and do some sightseeing without the crowds.

Getting To and Around Barcelona

There are several different options for getting to Barcelona, the most popular of course being by air. Barcelona airport is close to the City centre so is easy to reach your holiday villa destination once you have arrived. The airport is served by both budget and chartered airlines and has daily scheduled flights from many international cities throughout Europe.

If you would prefer not to fly, there are many very good international road and rail links, also there is a daily ferry to the Moll de Barcelona Quay and cruise ships use several parts of the harbour. Driving to your holiday apartment destination in Barcelona can be a fun start to your holiday as you take in all the sights while driving through the different countries.

While on your holidays in Barcelona and want to get around to do a spot of sightseeing or simply want to get to beaches and attractions, the easiest way is of course to hire a car and there are plenty of car hire companies available in Barcelona.

If you would prefer to have a driving free holiday, there are other options. The metro is an easy way to get around, it is punctual, clean and will take you to most of the major sights in Barcelona. The trams in Barcelona have been running since the beginning of the 20th century and are a pleasant way to get around certain parts of Barcelona. There are several good reliable bus services in which will take you to the most important sights in and around the city. Another way to visit the sights of Barcelona is to board the tourist bus which operates with a guide each day. What better way to experience your Holiday Rentals in Spain time away!

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Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia Spain is known as the party capital when it comet to fiesta's and Barcelona is by no means an exception. The number of people that live here makes for an event on a scale beyond belief, we're talking about a million or more folks that can join in the mayhem. Trust me when I say there are lots of fiesta's because a fiesta is a reason to party and the Spanish know how to have fun.
Things to Do Costa Brava - CataloniaAs most people come to Spain for the sun, sea and sand where better than Barcelona as it has some 4.5 km's of the best beaches along the coast. Barcelona is known as a short break holiday destination. Know in advance that swimmers and sunbathers are well catered for with excellent facilities which are clean, safe and close to public transport.
Things to Do Costa Brava - CataloniaWhere do you start, there is so many different types of cuisines on offer in Barcelona as one would expect. Let's start by saying that there is no reason to go hungry in Spain. There are the restaurants serving a wide variety to choose from, food vendors, and food markets. If you are traveling just look along the road side and you are sure to find some sort of a restaurant.

All you have to do when you are out shopping is look at the food to notice how fresh it is, I believe that this is what makes Spanish Cuisine so special, freshness and variety.

Costa Caribe Aquapark Port Aventura Park Cataluna SpanishJourneys of adventure, exotic places to visit and all in one resort! You've got it, Costa Caribe Aquapark and Port Aventura Park, both of which are part of the Universal Mediterranea Resort, will take you around the world on a journey of adventure. The adventure starts in the Spanish region of Cataluna which is laid out as a typical Mediterranean port; then transported as you discover Imperial China;
Towns & Resorts on Costa Brava Imagine a city compressed between the beaches of the Mediterranean and the hills of Montjuic then you can understand why Barcelona is bursting at every seam. The growth has been phenomenal with the population reaching almost 2 million. Barcelona is regarded as the most progressive city in Spain, always on the cutting edge of art, fashion and cuisine. Now that we are into food and fun be ready for a big party as the Spanish are well known for their parties, I believe that their motto is ''any reason will do'' which is evident in the many fiestas.
Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia We are going to be talking about wine and at the same time make plans for a visit to the wineries. Now we all know that in order to make any proper agenda you need to have a glass, or maybe two, of wine for the best laid plans. You ask where do we go, well first you have to be in Spain more to the point you need to be in the Province of Barcelona.
Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona, Costa Brava,Catalonia, SpainThe Mediterranean coastal town of Malgrat de Mar has evolved due to its maritime heritage and now offers something for everyone. Located between the sister resorts of Sant Susanna and Blanes, this pretty resort is quieter, but still has something for everyone of all ages. Malgrat de Mar had a wide range of diverse attractions: from relaxing on the beach, taking part in a range of water sports, to a wide variety of shops, bars and restaurants. If culture and tradition are more your thing, then the Catalonian capital city of Barcelona is easily accessible by train.
Shopping in Barcelona Now, you've engaged a good number of Barcelona activities, and you have at least a dozen Barcelona restaurants under your belt. What's next? Shopping of course! Continue reading to find out about popular Barcelona shops and many of the shops and boutiques the Barcelona travel guides may have missed.
Golf in Costa Brava Vallromanes Golf Club has quickly become one of the most established golf clubs in Catalonia. Designed in 1972, by prestigious architect Mr F.W. Hawtree, the club has an exquisite “Masia” (traditional country house) style clubhouse. Although the Vallromanes Golf Club is a private club, arrangements can be made to play.

The design of the course provides a constant challenge to the player, but with its stunning views of the mountains and valleys that surround it,

Golf in Costa BravaYou can pre book your golf tee times at Can Bosch Sant Feliu Golf Club and if you have limited time available then you can usually book this directly with the club house or through an online golf tee time facility. Very often these online golf booking systems can offer discounts on your green fees at Can Bosch Sant Feliu Golf Club so it does pay to shop around to ensure you get the best deal for your green fees.

It is often the case that if you are in holiday with your family it may be only you playing golf. This is not a problem as most golf clubs try to get a 3 or 4 ball out on the golf course at Can Bosch Sant Feliu Golf Club as many people are in exactly the same situation and it works very well for all concerned.
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