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Castellon Holiday Guide

Holiday Rentals in Castellon - Tourist Information Guide

Castellon Holiday Rentals
A Beautiful White Sandy Beach to Relax on in Castellon


Why Holiday in Castellon

Castellon is located on the beautiful coast known as Costa Azahar in the north of the Valencian region of Spain, and has many beautiful cities, towns and villages, both coastal and inland. This area retains the essence of Spain with a wonderful combination of culture, history, gastronomy and dining experiences that are second to none. The coastal towns offer everything from an array of fresh fish to satisfy the palate, to stretches of sandy beaches and modern marinas with sporting activities. Inland the vegetables and meat are produced locally, and the local culture, history and the mountain ranges of the area are some of the attractions that draw the tourists to this area. Both coastal and inland towns offer an historical experience that dates back thousands of years.

Whilst there is more rain in the winter months than the more southern areas of Spain, this climate creates a lush landscape that contrasts with the aridity of the South, and like the rest of Spain, the temperatures are good throughout the year.

There is a diversity of nightlife for all ages, with bars and restaurants catering for the culinary experience, nightclubs for the young at heart, and the ever popular annual Benicassim Music Festival. This festival draws tourists from all over the world to take part in what is a wonderful musical experience, whether camping or in holiday rental accommodation.

Accessible by road, sky or sea, Castellon is a great location to visit throughout the year for its local, regional and national fiestas. The festivities include fireworks, music, dancing, food and colourful entertainment. These Fiestas are celebrated all over the region, allowing tourists visiting the area at any time the opportunity to experience the wonders of Spanish fiestas, Castellon style.

History of Castellon

Enjoy the History of Castellon
Llorens Poy Monument in Castellon

The first building in Castellon was the Moorish castle of Fadrell, which provided the first shelter to the inhabitants of the region who also became the founders of the city. Castellon was conquered by James I in 1233 and later given to Ximen Perez d'Arenos, under his rule inhabitants moved to the site of the Benirabe farmstead which became the centre of the town.

In the middle ages the city was protected by moats walls and towers, and the church that later became a cathedral was built. The town was one of the last strongholds in the Revolta de les Germanies (local guilds) in the 17th century and also supported the war of the Spanish succession which occurred between 1701-1714, however it was later taken by the troops of Philip d'Anjou.

The city walls were torn down in the 19th century and the area slowly began to expand, this expansion was interrupted by the War of Independence against Napoleon and the Carlist Wars. Castellon became the capital of the new province, in the second half of the century the city began to expand again assisted by the arrival of the railway the expansion of the port and the construction of the hospital, casino, theatre and parks.

Castellon Holiday Rentals Information

Castellon City Perfect for a Holiday
The Beautiful City of Castellon

Akilar can provide you with the holiday experience to suit your needs, from a studio apartment to a private villa with a pool. At your request, we can source suitable accommodation, car hire and/or transport information to help make your holiday more enjoyable. Whether you are planning a holiday on a budget, or a luxurious experience, whether you require holiday accommodation for one, a couple or a large group, Akilar will find the right place for you. All our accommodation has linen and towels provided, a washing machine to enable you to keep that luggage to a minimum, and most of the villas provide a barbeque for the al fresco experience on the balmy summer evenings that are guaranteed in Castellon.

We can locate you close to the beaches, marinas or inland from the coast, depending on your requirements. We can match you to your ideal holiday rental to ensure you have a wonderful Spanish experience that encompasses all the area you choose has to offer, and allowing you to relax and enjoy the many pleasures that the Costa Azahar has to offer.

Special Information for Booking Holiday Rentals in Castellon

We often offer special discounts in our Akilar adverts for Castellon holiday rentals, so watch closely for last minute booking discounts, or even special offers on early bookings. We also have competitive long term rental rates available that are ideal as an escape from the bitter cold winters now being experienced in many parts of Europe. Alternatively you could try an extended summer holiday. As winter is our low season, the holiday rental prices are lower and together with the cheap flights readily available at that time of year, a winter holiday in Castellon could be the perfect getaway.

Must See Sights and Attractions in Castellon

Enjoy Activities in Castellon
Things to do on Castellon Holidays

Castellon is ideally situated between the sea and the Desert de las Palmas mountain range. It has an interesting mixture of historic culture and Mediterranean living to take the tourist on the journey of their choice, whether it be relaxing on the beach, enjoying the tours of the city's enviable historic buildings, or taking advantage of the nightlife which the city enjoys. Beach lovers can enjoy a cruise to the National Park on the Clumbretes Islands, whilst their companions can choose from the many other tourist attractions available.

With ceramics playing a large part in the history of the city of Castellon, tourists can see one of Castellon’s works of art any time of the day or night, without charge, as built onto the side of the church in the Plaza el Violant, there are stories told in ceramics of the history of the royalty of the city.

Another traditional tourist attraction is the Bull Ring in the town of Vinaros, situated on the Mediterranean coast, north of Castellon and south of the mouth of the Rio Cenia. This hosts one of Spain's oldest sporting activities, bull fighting, which, whilst frowned upon by some Europeans, is still a popular Spanish activity.

The town of San Jorge has a fantastic golf course and also a sculpture park that is set in the enchanting Bovalar pine forest, which is a popular tourist attraction. Peniscola is a town situated on a peninsula north of Castellon, with an historic medieval castle reflected in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The town is a contrast of old and new with its meandering streets, busy port, entertaining night life, and many facilities and activities for tourists of all ages.

The Cathedral of Castellon is one of the main tourist attractions of the city with its historic resurrections, whilst the market areas mix old traditions with modern buildings and the quirky sculptures in the plazas throughout the city challenge the imagination. Jardin del Papagayo is a parrot zoo set in subtropical gardens between the towns of Benicarlo and Peniscola. There are over fifty different species of parrots and visitors are able to interact with them. Besides the feathered variety of attractions, there are also giant kangaroos to see and mingle with as they roam freely within the zoo. Venturing further from the city towards the area of Oropesa del Mar, which is forty kilometres from Castellon, the resort of Marina d'Or boasts a large sea water spa with an array of facilities that include hydro-massage beds and a large pool with water from the Dead Sea allowing an amazing floating experience.Spend a few minutes looking through all of the things to do

Villages around Castellon

Castellons Villages and Towns
One of Many Castellon Villages

The towns and villages of the Castellon region, whilst retaining the culture of the area, offer the tourist a chance to experience many wonderful things. Alcossebre is one of these towns that combine mountains with sandy coves and a selection of picture postcard beaches stretching over ten kilometres. One of these beaches is the Les Fonts Beach which is renowned for its freshwater fountains and a marina with facilities for three hundred boats. Another naturalist attraction is the Parque Natural de la Serra de Irta. It is a large natural park that will appeal to walkers, hikers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

Oropesa del Mar is another town on the coast of Castellon that has sandy coves and beaches, together with a picturesque marina. It has all the attractions of the Mediterranean lifestyle including delicious seafood, local festivities and the experience of old town meeting new. In particular the recently built complex of Marina d'Or ensures it caters for all tastes. There are also the beautiful orange groves which enhance the landscape towards the mountains of Sierra de Orpesa.

Benicassim is also located in the province of Castellon, north of Castellon de la Plana. It is a town best known for its popular annual music festival, held in July and attended by music lovers from all over Europe, who enjoy the hot weather combined with the sandy beaches, the warm Mediterranean Sea and the general party atmosphere. Like other towns along this stretch of the Mediterranean, it combines mountains with beaches, and offers windsurfing, diving and sailing amongst some of its outdoor activities. The town also offers the tourist a wealth of campsites, hotels and self-catering accommodation, together with a great selection of restaurants, pubs and discos. This can be a lively town in the high season, and it is a beautiful part of the world throughout the year.

San Jorge is a village in Castellon that is known mainly for its golf course. It is an attractive tourist location but still retains its local culture and native trade of wrought iron work, which is popular with both tourists and residents alike. The fiesta for the patron saint of the village, St. George takes place on 23rd April, so as well as the summer season and the Easter celebrations, this time of year is a great time to visit and experience the local traditions of San Jorge.

The town of Vinaros is also situated on the Mediterranean coast, north of Castellon and south of the mouth of the Rio Cenia. It is as popular town for its historic sites and its location. Finding a quiet place and taking time to listen to the ocean can be a wonderful experience, as can be enjoying the town's traditional gastronomy and sporting events.

Also encompassing the Mediterranean beaches is the town of Benicarlo, which is surrounded by orchards and to the north of the town it boasts the Ramba de Cervera, which is a dry riverbed stretching for fifty kilometres. The town has a beautiful marina offering lessons in sailing for tourists and residents, and also access for those visiting the town by boat.Akilar.com has put together a whole list of villages to plan your holiday around

Golfing in Casatellon

Castellon Golfing Holidays
Stunning Golf Courses in Castellon

Campo del Mediterraneo is an eighteen hole golf course situated inland, five kilometres north of Castellon. It was designed by renowned Spanish architect Ramon Espinosa, and opened in 1978. Like a good wine it has matured well with age. The valley which is the backdrop to this golf course lends a few challenges for the more adventurous golfer, making for an interesting game. The setting itself is beautiful, with a mixture of trees including the traditional groves. The Castellon Masters was played in Campo del Mediterraneo three years in a row, from 2008 to 2010 and it is considered a worthy championship golf course.

The Costa de Azahar Golf Club was designed by Angel Perez de Leza in 1960. This nine hole golf course is situated beside the El Grao beach in Castellon. It has plenty of facilities for tourists and golf lovers, including a snack-bar/restaurant, lounge, gym, golf club rental, buggy rental, a driving range, putting green, pitching green, practice bunker and tennis courts.

Another eighteen hole golf course in the area of Castellon is the Nova Panoramica Golf and Country Club, built inland from the town of Vinaros which is situated approximately sixteen kilometres north of Peniscola. This course which was designed by Bernard Langer, and built in the mid 1990s within the urbanisation of the same name, suits golfers of all levels and even those who are not avid enthusiasts. .All will enjoy the two driving ranges, or the lower par practice holes and pitch and putt. You can view most of the area golf courses and their details here.

Castellon Fiesta's

Castellon Fiesta's
Fiestas de la Magdalena in Castellon

The annual Fiesta de Magdalena is a celebration unique to Castellon and is usually held around March 10th, in the middle of Lent. It celebrates the resettling of over a thousand people from the mountains of Castellon to the city in the 13th Century.

The Fiesta del Grau de Castellon takes place during the last week of June. It celebrates the patron saint of Castellon, San Pedro (Saint Peter), a fisherman who is said to have been Simon Peter, one of the twelve apostles. It is held in the maritime district of the city of Castellon, which is called El Grau del Castellon. The celebrations include a procession of boats, a floral tribute to San Pedro, fireworks, local bull fighting, and traditional music on the flute and tabal. There is also the tasty Tower of Sardines, which are grilled sardines with homemade bread and local wine.

Throughout the year the Castellon region offers a taste of its local culture and its natural resources through its many celebrations or fiestas, either local or national, and these contribute to a wonderful cultural experience for holiday makers. We have provided a list of fiestas for you to choose from to help you plan a holiday that will give you a taste of Spanish culture combined with the fun of the festivities, Spanish style.A list of fiesta's is available so you can plan your holiday to enjoy at least one.

Dining and Nightlife in Castellon

Enjoy Dining out while in Castellon
Castellon's Delicious Food

Like many other parts of Spain the gastronomy of Castellon is made up mainly of rice and fish dishes. A favourite dish of the region is Arros Caldos, which is a type of rice stew with chicken or more of a soupy version of paella. Another type of soup which the area is known for is 'Tombet del Maestrazgo'. The coastal areas thrive on tasty fresh fish, including shellfish, sardines and anchovies, with prawns being at their very best in Vinaros. Vegetables are in abundance, with artichokes being most popular in the area, whilst inland the tendency and preference is more towards meat.

There is a choice of good restaurants within the city of Castellon, with great tapas bars found throughout the city, especially near the port where local tapas are served with wines from the region and other parts of Spain. Restaurants offering local cuisine, from fresh fish and rice dishes, to high quality meat dishes are popular in the centre of the city. In the high season it is advisable to book in advance. Some recommended restaurants in the city are Penalen which serves Basque and Mediterranean food and Tasca del Puerto in the Grao area of the city, which is known for its traditional dishes.

In Peniscola, Casa Jaime is popular for seafood, La Golasona for its homemade Italian dishes and La Patalata for its multinational menu, including fabulous Argentine steaks and friendly efficient service. Vinaros also has many restaurants to choose from, including El Faro de Vinaros, which is a converted lighthouse offering an unusual visual experience, and serving traditional food to enjoy in its unusual and interesting surroundings.

Nightlife in the city of Castellon is contained mainly in the Las Tascas area, where the young in mind, body and spirit can party until the early hours of the morning. The smaller streets near Plaza Mejor are full of tapas bars that are called tascas, and are the starting point for much of the nightlife, with the next stop being the pubs in the area, or clubs like Botanico, a well known hot spot. However, it's important to note that in the summer months, the local resort of Benicassim is the place to be, as this is where it all happens.

Shopping in Castellon

Great Shopping in Castellon
Shops and Markets in Castellon

Whilst many large retail facilities such as the Salero Shopping Centre, which opened here in 2005 offering everything from designer labels to high street fashion, toys to processed food, and home furnishings to costume jewellery. In Castellon de la Plana, the unique shopping experience of the province is the locally produced merchandise. This can range from small boutiques with handmade clothing, to items for the home made locally in a particular style so that some even have an antique appearance that lends to the history of the area. The locals thrive on these businesses, as it is not mass production, but trades that have been handed down through families, and marketed in local family owned shops together with other general souvenirs of Spain.

Local markets are always a tourist’s delight and these can be found every day of the week in towns or villages in the province. Here you will find a large selection of stalls selling a variety of items to meet every taste. There is local produce such as fresh fish, fruit and vegetables sold at most markets, however, fish markets are found in the towns right on the coast selling a range of fresh fish caught locally.

The shopping experience can be enhanced by a coffee or a drink at one of the local cafes found near the markets and shopping areas, making it a more enjoyable experience for the less enthusiastic holiday shopper.Shopping could not be easier as by looking here.

Best Times to Visit Castellon

The city and region of Castellon has plenty to offer at any time of the year. Autumn, winter and spring are suitable for golfers and nature enthusiasts such as hikers, walkers and those who find the summer heat oppressive. The mild temperatures of the winter months, whilst still being warm, are ideal for the older generation. This time of year also offers lower prices and lots of fiestas, making it very appealing to tourists. The local cuisine can be sampled all year round, with restaurants offering great service to customers out of season, mainly because they have more time as their restaurants are less crowded, and the locals are always interested in learning more about other cultures.

The street markets are open all year round, and whilst the cooler months are undoubtedly more comfortable for this type of shopping, the summer months have their own attractions with cafes offering shaded areas where you can stop and cool down whilst enjoying a drink, before continuing to bargain hunt and barter with the street traders.

The summer months are undoubtedly the busiest, with more traffic on the roads, more tourists from within Spain as well as those travelling from further afield. This is a magical time for many with the buzz and a party atmosphere in the coastal resorts. So, if you are looking for a quieter holiday it might be advisable to venture inland at this time of year.

Castellon has something to offer everyone all year round, and Akilar can help you source your ideal time for your holiday rental, whatever your requirements are. Let us guide you through your selection of places to stay, and a time of year that will tailor your holiday totally to you and your tastes.

Climate for Castellon

The weather in Castellon is different than that of its southern counterparts, in that although it has hot summers from June to August reaching temperatures of 30 degrees and higher, with little rain. The months from September onwards, whilst still warm, average temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius until November, with the lowest average temperatures being approximately 10 degrees Celsius in January and reaching a possible high of 15 degrees Celsius. There is more rain during the cooler months than in the south however: this contributes to the more lush landscape found in this area, and also helps the golf courses maintain their natural appearance.

The mild weather throughout the winter often draws a different tourist to those who visit in the summer. The cooler months ensure you a comfortable amble through the streets, enjoying all that this wonderful area has to offer. The months between September and May draw in golfers in abundance, whilst the summer months attracts the sun worshippers and night owls alike. The climate in this area offers something for everyone throughout the year, making Castellon an attractive area to visit come rain or shine.

Getting To and Around Castellon

When travelling to Castellon, there are number of airports you can choose to fly into, including Valencia, Barcelona, Alicante and Madrid. From these airports there are coach companies that can be booked through the internet for individual parties.

There is a metro system at Madrid’s Barajas Airport that connects to the Nueves Ministerios Station in central Madrid in just twelve minutes. Trains or buses can be picked up in the centre of Madrid to connect to the city of Castellon. It also has a bus service that connects to the towns and villages in the region. The Renfe train system runs from Barcelona Airport, which in turn connects to the metro system in the city. Valencia Airport also has a metro system with connections to other stations in the city, so tourists can connect to Castellon by bus or train. Alicante has no train service, but there are taxis readily available as with the other airports, and there is a bus service from the airport to the main train station in Alicante, which connects to Castellon de la Plana.

For tourists who want to retain a sense of independence, there is car hire available at all of the above airports, with a range of companies offering competitive rates throughout the year.

Within Castellon de la Plana itself there is a train service with links to the big cities, but the bus service is the best option for tourists wishing to take a tour of the area from within the city, or to the outlying towns and villages, and even up into the mountains.

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Castellon costa azahar spainThere are many things to do and see in Castellon of which we have listed many different points of interest and entertainment for the entire family below :

The streets lined with orange trees makes for a nice peaceful stroll around the city as it is not very large at all. When out on your stroll a must visit would be to the old quarter and its Plaza de Santa Clara the Plaza Mayor and also the Plaza de la Pescaderia styled in gothic and renaissance ways.
Towns & Resorts on Costa Azahar Castellon is a province that extends some 112 km along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. This province makes up the area better known as Costa Azahar. If you are looking for a taste of Spain with sleepy villages, cliff and mountain walks you can experience all of this and more in the rural areas of Castellon.


One of the main reasons people come to the Costa Azahar by the thousands, is their golden sand European Blue Flag beaches with all the necessary facilities and their beautiful views along the coast.

Villages of Costa AzaharThe area of Alto Mijares is inland Castellon and includes the village of Fuente la Reina Montanejos. The village has a number of interesting places of historical interest, but is best known for its healing spa baths.
Villages of Costa AzaharLa Plana Baixa is the coastal area of Castellon and has a number of villages that are perfect for exploring. Each has its own individual feel and tourist attractions. Burriana is home to El Salvador, a 13th Century Gothic church and the Orange museum. Vall d’Uixo has a very interesting old quarter, which is brimming with Arabic and medieval architecture. It is also home to the caves of San Jose. Vila-Real is famous for its ceramic tiles and still has a booming economy based on its agriculture and agricultural products.
Villages of Costa AzaharIn the area of La Plana, Castellon you will be able to explore a number of small unspoilt villages. In no particular order these are the ones we feel are most worth a visit, Oropesa de Mar and Benicassim are both sleepy by day with tranquil beaches but have lively night-time activities with bars and restaurants offering live music and dancing.
Villages of Costa AzaharThe area of Els Port contains three traditional villages that make interesting places to visit, Forcall, Morella and El Maestrazgo de San Mateo. If you like traditional buildings and historical architecture, then the main square, Plaza Mayor in Forcall is the place to head. This 16th century Plaza remains the heart of the village and is great place to grab a coffee and watch the world go by.
Villages in Costa AzaharThis is the place to head for you want beautiful unspoilt coastline. The scenic shores are dotted with beach hotspots such as Alcossebre, Benicarlo, Peniscola and Vinaros, which act as a mecca for beach lovers due to the white sands, clear seas and stunning views. Due to their proximity to the sea, all are active fishing villages, renowned for their seafood.
Villages of Costa AzaharThis region of Castellon is inland from the coast and is where you find Alto Palancia . Another interesting village is Segorbe, which is renowned for its bull fighting festivals as well as being a typical example of a Spanish village.
Villages of Costa AzaharAlto Maestrazgo is known for its agriculture and textile industry and contributes considerably to the economy of the province. There are a number of hidden gems worth visiting. Ares del Maestre was once a walled city before it was captured by the Muslims. The village is famous for its pre-historic caves, complete with cave drawings as is the neighbouring Benassa, which is now a world heritage site.
Shopping in CastellonIf you want an out-of-the-ordinary shopping experience, the province of Castellon in Spain is the perfect place for you. For a minute, forget about the pricey and haute couture world of Paris, London, New York or Milan or the fake goods of Bangkok s sprawling markets that are associated with the typical shopping experience. Castellon offers a lot more unique and yet equally beautiful items for the certified shopaholic.
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