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Castellon, Costa Azahar, Spain

There are many things to do and see in Castellon of which we have listed many different points of interest and entertainment for the entire family below :

The streets lined with orange trees makes for a nice peaceful stroll around the city as it is not very large at all. When out on your stroll a must visit would be to the old quarter and its Plaza de Santa Clara the Plaza Mayor and also the Plaza de la Pescaderia styled in gothic and renaissance ways. A walk in the modern part of the city would be along the 'Avenida Rey Don Jaime' to grasp another perspective of the area. Ribalta park, is a nice place to have a break and watch the local people passing the day by. Another interesting stop is the 'Plaza de la Paz', next to the Teatro Principal' and be sure to pay a visit to the 'Fadri'

  • El Fadri: This is a 16th century, 58 metre high octagonal bell tower. It is the symbol of the city and is located between the Cathedral and the Abbey. The bell tower not only rings on the hour but it is also used to announce important city events.

  • Plaza de Santa Clara: an open square which also serves as the market place. It has a system of modern archways which go all around the square. You can also see a modern sculpture by Llorena Poy.

Palaces, Cathedrals and Churches in Castellon:

  • Saint Miquel Palace: 15th century - located between 'la Lonja' and the 'Plaza Mayor'. The main door has interesting, ornate carvings.

  • The Town Hall: 18th century, Tuscan style - it has amazing arched windows. Inside you can find sculptures by Viciano and Benlliure and paintings by Oliet, Foz, Puig Roda, Pocar and Domenechs.

  • The Santa Maria de la Asuncion Cathedral: 13th century, rebuilt in a Gothic style in the 14th century. Demolished during the civil war it was rebuilt again in 1940 (remaining to this day unfinished). Some original artefacts remain such as carvings dating back to the 17th century, crosses used in processions and tapestries by Oliet and Ribalta.

  • The Santa Mari­a de Llado Basilica: originally built above an ancient chapel, a statue of the Virgin Mary was discovered in the 14th century. It was renovated in the 16th and 18th centuries. Apart from the statue of the virgin you can also see ancient canvas paintings and ornate silver and gold objects.

  • San Miguel church: 18th century - Barroque style interior, it is used for historical exhibitions.

  • Las Capuchinas Convent: 18th century, it has paintings by Zurbaran and scultpures from 17th - 18th centuries.

  • San Agusti­n church and Convent: Barroque facade. There are frescos on the dome and paintings by Oliet in the chapel.

Museums in Castellon:

  • The Bellas Artes Museum: Located in an 18th century this museum was opened in 1980. It is divided into 4 sections: archeology - Paleolithic to the middle ages, ceramics - over 1000 pieces, paintings - Ribera, Romero de Torres, Rodrigo de Osona, Sorolla and sculptures - Adsuana, Viciano, Gandarias and Benllieure.

  • The Ethnological Museum: Opened in 1983, it contains old fashioned tools from various professiones such as: weaving, blacksmiths, shoe makers, fabric makers, tailors...

  • The Fadrell Municipal Ethnological Museum: located in a green area next to the 18th century Sant Jaume of Fadrell hermitage. Collection reflects rural and traditional customs of the province.

  • The Santa Maria de la Asuncion Cathedral Museum: Religious art from different periods. Works of art Joan de Reixach and Nicolau Falco.

  • Lonja del Canamo: 17th century. It has 4 arches with Tuscan pillars.

  • The Casino: built in 1922 in a modernist style.

  • The 'TeatroPrincipal' (theatre): late 19th century, neoclassic. It has paintings by Pedro Ferrer and Francisco Perez Olmos. Located in the Plaza de la Paz.

  • The Orphanage - Casa dels Orfens : 19th century, founded by bishop Jose Climent.

  • The Ribalta Park: next to the station. popular with the people from Castellon for strolling around and relaxing. You can see many different types of vegetation there. During fiestas it has an arts and craft fair.

  • The Royo Gomez Geological Gardens

  • The Calduch Botanic Gardens

Castellon has many sights to visit if you want a day out from your Holiday Rentals in Spain, and when you take a stroll around you will get a feel for the history of the area through the beautiful architecture.