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Elche - Must see sites

Elche The City of Palms World Heritage SiteAs a result of its expansive palm tree grove, Elche is known as The City of Palms. Another name given to it is the Palmeral of Elche. It is considered to be the only palm forest in Europe. The palm trees are believed to have been originally planted by Phoenicians during the 6th century BC. The forest consist of over 10,000 palm trees with the majority of them being date palms. The grove, at present, covers more than 3.5km and includes many beautiful gardens and parks.
Things to Do in ElcheElche is known as the "city of palms", and with more than 300,000 of these tropical trees lining the parks and avenues of the city its nickname comes as no surprise. Most of these can be found in Europe's largest palm plantation, which lies within the confines of the city. The plantation itself is a protected area where the palms are nurtured by the original Arabic irrigation system of ditches and channels.