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Things to Do in Elche, Costa Blanca / Alicante, Spain overview

Elche is known as the "city of palms", and with more than 300,000 of these tropical trees lining the parks and avenues of the city its nickname comes as no surprise. Most of these can be found in Europe's largest palm plantation, which lies within the confines of the city. The plantation itself is a protected area where the palms are nurtured by the original Arabic irrigation system of ditches and channels. The plantation has been listed as a World Heritage site by Unesco, which means visitors for years-to-come will be able to enjoy this breathtaking sight. The palms give Elche an exotic look and feel and still provide the city with a substantial income from the production of dates.

Elche is the third largest city in the province of Alicante and lies just over 20km inland from the provincial capital. Oddly enough the city itself was moved by the Moors from its original location in Alcudia and founded in its current position.


The Mystery of Elche ( 13-15 August)


The Mystery of Elche is a two-part theatre production of a mystery play held annually on the 14 and 15 August and has a religious theme. The story is centred on the death of the virgin and her assumption to heaven and it has been performed since the 15th century in the picturesque Basilica of Saint Mary of Elche.

More than 300 actors and singers perform to the entire town and crowds of visitors. Once the performance has ended there is a procession through the streets. This is Spanish culture and tradition at its best and should not be missed by those wishing to experience the "real" Spain. So if you want to immerse yourself in culture and history while you are on your Holidays to Spain this is a great time of the year to visit!

For further information contact Elche Tourist Office: Tel. (+34) 965 452 747.



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