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Girona Holiday Guide

Holiday Rentals in Girona - Tourist Information Guide

Girona Holiday Rentals
Stunning Coves in Girona to Relax on or Enjoy the Views


Why Holiday in Girona

Girona is a popular holiday destination and many people return time and time again. Several reasons it is so popular is due to the Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, historical sights and various attractions. Girona is known for its wide choice of private self catering rental villas with pools in Girona and fantastic apartments with beautiful views from their balconies. Girona offers several different styles of holidays, rural type holidays or city holidays. In either choice, Akilar.com can assist you in choosing your rental villa, apartment or accommodation to help make your dream holiday a memory from Girona.

There are many historical sights in Girona as the area has such a colourful history and is reflected in the architecture and the monuments still standing today. There are museums for tourists to explore and this is also where Salvador Dali was born as well as buried in a crypt underneath the Dali Museum.

There are plenty of attractions which will interest all the family including the waterpark for family fun. The rural villages around Girona offer something for everyone, whether it is markets, shops, nightlife or sightseeing there is plenty to enjoy on days out form your Girona villa. The beaches have beautiful white sand with crystal clear waters which are warm and perfect to swim or paddle in. As well you can participate in the many watersports on offer in the area as with most Mediterranean coastal holiday resorts.

Shopping in and around Girona is nothing short of just about anything you would want such as little boutiques with local fashion, traditional shops selling local wines, spirits and confectionery, also quality leather goods, local crafts and souvenirs.

The weather in Girona is pleasant all year round with mild winters and very hot summers, the average annual temperature in Girona is 23 degrees with around 2290 hours of sunshine per year so whatever time you visit you are almost guaranteed a sunny day even in the winter when the weather is slightly cooler.

The nightlife in Girona City is varied as the old town has a large choice of restaurants to enjoy a relaxing meal and drinks while taking in the atmosphere. The new town is much livelier and with a mixture of restaurants, bars and late night bars. If you want wild nights out then Llorett de Mar is a good place to go as it is packed full of bars and nightclubs with many young people flocking there each year for a non stop party.

Holiday makers from all over the UK and Europe choose to holiday in Girona annually due to its varied culture, historical interest and culinary offering as well as near perfect weather making a your choice of Girona for your holiday rentals in Spain destination a very wise one amongst the rest.

History of Girona

History on Girona Holidays
Jewish Museum of Natural Histoy in Girona

Girona has a rich history which has been ruled by many different civilisations, the marks of which are still visible in Girona city and its surrounding areas today.

The first inhabitants in Girona were the Iberians who named the city Gerunda, later on the Romans settled there until the 4th century and the fall of the Roman empire. The Visgoths moved into the city and ruled it until the Moors took control after many attacks. In 785 the Emperor Charlemagne defeated the Arabs and the city became one of the 14 countships of Catalonia. The Moors were finally driven out of the area in 1015.

The 8th century was one of the most important as the city began to grow as did the fortress walls. There were also fortresses and castles built in front of the sea for protection from invaders and pirates. There was a large Jewish community built between the 12th and 15th centuries and were finally pushed out in 1492. The city of Girona has been under attack a staggering 25 times over the centuries and the French finally conquered it and ruled from 1809 until 1813. The defensive walls were demolished at the end of the 19th century to enable the city to expand.

The missing parts of the city walls on the eastern side of the city have been reconstructed in recent years and named the Passeig de la Muralla. It is now a tourist route leading around the old city. Through the last 20 years, Girona has increased its tourist status and has become a very well know area for people to choose their Spain holiday rentals home.

Girona Holiday Rentals Information

Holiday Girona Villas and Beaches
Sightseeing at Girona Castle

When you have decided to take your holiday in Girona, the next step is to decide the type of accommodation you want to stay in. You will see that there is a great choice of apartments and villas available in Girona, whether you want to stay in the town or near to the beautiful white sandy beaches or historical points of interest, you are sure to find the perfect accommodation to suit your requirements and budget.

Choose from are large or small villas in the quieter areas such as Begur, with balconies or terraces suitable for small groups and couples. Luxurious villas and apartments are also available with more than one bathroom, private pools and terraces which are perfect for relaxing in the beautiful surroundings after a day on the beach, sightseeing or at the attractions.

If you want to be in the thick of the action, you will find many apartments in Girona town centre so that you can be within easy reach of shops, restaurants, and of course the lively nightlife.

Most villas and apartments have beautiful views, fully fitted kitchens, linen and if it is a villa you decide on there will most likely be a barbecue for you to use during your holiday. There is a very wide choice of of villas and apartments in the area so you are certain to find the perfect accommodation for your holiday.

Special Information for Booking Holiday Rentals in Girona

Check the adverts for special discount rates when choosing your RENTALS IN SPAIN. Most GIRONA RENTAL PROPERTIES will offer a discount based on either early booking or even a last minute booking. Some also offer long term rental prices if this is your requirement. Check the winter rates as this is considered the low season.

Must See Sights and Attractions in Girona

Girona Holiday Rental Apartments Close to Activities
Bullfighting in Girona

Girona is a very diverse and has many things to do and see as the area is very historical with many museums and landmarks worth a visit. Being very close to the pyrenees means it is also possible to go skiing on the slopes. Tourist can choose a Girona holiday for many reason and there is always something to do during the entire year.

The main attraction in the city of Girona is the magnificent cathedral. This is reachable via a walk up a set of very steep steps. Once inside you can see the famous 12th century Tapestry of the Creation, the 10th century Beatus Codex and also a large collection of medieval gold and silverwork. The building is very gothic in style and has the largest gothic nave in the world. The Cathedral is well worth a visit if you are interested in the history of Girona and beautiful architecture.

Figueres is close to Girona and also has many places to visit, one of the main historical locations being the Teatre-Museu Dali. This was founded by Salvador Dali as Figueres was his birthplace and it was here that he had his first exhibition when he was 14. The building has a transparent dome and a courtyard. The museum houses several very important interesting pieces of artwork by Dali along with other famous artists. When Dali died in 1989 he was buried in a crypt underneath the museum.

Lloret De Mar is also close by to Girona and is known for its beautiful beaches, a must visit for those lazy days out from your holiday rental villa. There is an excellent waterpark and is a favourite for all the family with many slides, pools, rapids and play areas for the little ones. Lorrett De Mar has a lively nightlife if you are looking for a night out in late night clubs and bars, this is the place to be and is very popular with groups of young people on holiday to party the night away.

A Girona holiday offers so many things to do and keep you busy you will definitely have to return for another holiday in Spain just to finish. Spend a day on the slopes and an afternoon on the beachfront in a cafe, where else could you do this except Girona in Spain! Spend a few minutes looking through all of the things to do

Villages around Girona

Girona Holiday Rentals in Villages
Calella de Palafrugell in Girona

There are many rural villages and towns around the holiday region of Girona worth a visit on your holidays in Spain. There are small historic picturesque coastal villages excellent for a day out to enjoy the charm Spain is known for and if you are up for a bit of entertainment in the night, the larger towns have enough to keep you up into the early hours of the morning.

Begur is a small medieval village near to Girona city and is a lovely historic hillside town. It has a central square with small cobbled streets leading off. Begur is an ideal village to enjoy the Catalonian way of life in while walking around enjoying the historic buildings including the castles which have been perfectly preserved. The views from Begur are absolutely breathtaking.

Calonge is a town of two aspects, the first being a traditional Catalan town with a medieval centre, narrow streets and many old buildings to view. There is an old maritime port in the town and many restaurants and bars in the winding streets around the town. The second is a popular seaside resort with beautiful sandy beaches and bays perfect for a day out with the family to relax. The kids can play in the sea safely and the views are breathtaking. You can also take a walk along the walkway lining the headlands.

The lively town of Tossa de Mar is located approximately 25km from Girona with both an historical side as well as the expected tourist side. There are beautiful sandy beaches to relax on and plenty of family fun with the local zoo, theme parks and watersports. The nightlife in Tossa De Mar is very popular and in the summer months the small winding roads are packed with people looking for the perfect bars and discos to dance the night away.

Girona has many villages and small towns to visit during your holiday in Girona. Take part in the local activities in the villages as you will be welcomed by all and then you can truly enjoy the ambiance Spain has to offer.Akilar.com has put together a whole list of villages to plan your holiday around

Golfing in Girona

Golfing Girona Holidays
The Beautiful Girona Golf Course

If you are considering where to take your next golfing holiday, look no further than the area of Girona with several golf courses available and all with beautiful surroundings and great facilities. Girona lures golfers annually to their championship course for their golfing break to enjoy the stunning undulating fairways and playing a course designated as a PGA course.

PGA Golf Catalunya has two courses to choose from, the Stadium Course and the Tour Course. The stadium course has been classed as one of the top 10 courses in Europe and also 2nd in Spain and has been a venue for the PGA European circuit tournaments several times. The course can be quite challenging and has bunkers and lakes which are strategically placed to test golfers to the limit and this is why it keeps visitors returning time after time. The Tour Course is slightly less challenging but none the less is still as beautiful as the stadium course. This course is shorter and a little easier to play although the design means that it is still a challenge for any level of golfer. The facilities at the golf club include pro shop, golf academy and a clubhouse which was opened in 2008. It has a large lounge with a bar and a popular bistro for you to enjoy a meal and drinks in the beautiful surroundings of the courses.

Golf Girona is an 18 hole par 72 golf course which was designed by English architect F.W. Hawtree. The course was built to adapt to its natural surroundings without any unnatural objects to obstruct players. The front 9 holes are challenging for any golfer and designed so that all clubs will need to be used. The back 9 holes are spectacular with beautiful panoramic views and are slightly less demanding than the front 9 holes. Once you have had your day on the golf course, there is a restaurant on site for golfers to enjoy offering a buffet lunch, beautiful Mediterranean cuisine and a large variety of mouthwatering deserts all while enjoying the perfect views. The club also has a driving range, golf academy and a pro shop.

Club de Golf Costa Brava is a golf club close to Girona, it was built in 1968 and was designed by Hamilton Stutt and Co. The first half of the course is quite technical but still beautiful as it is surrounded by a pine and cork oak forests, the back nine of the course is slightly less difficult as it is mainly on the flat. The restaurant on site is called the Casa Club which is in an 1841 Catalan farmhouse serving traditional and Mediterranean cuisine with paella being the speciality.

The Girona climate allows players to enjoy the courses year round as many golfers will arrive form the colder countries to enjoy a few rounds. With little rain the winter months are excellent to play as the sun is not beating down on you. Whether you play a Girona golf course in the summer or winter you are sure to test your skills and definitely need to take your next golfing break in Girona.You can view most of the area golf courses and their details here.

Girona Fiesta's

Girona Holidays and Fiestas
Amazing Fiestas in Girona

There are many fiestas held in Ibiza all year round with the most important ones depicting Ibiza's culture and history.

As with all parts of Spain Girona hosts many fiestas throughout the year, Many are held nationwide with others being indigenous to Girona. So if you are choosing to holiday in Girona at fiesta time, make sure to book your Girona villa in advance to enjoy a true Spanish fiesta.

On 11th of September each year Catalonia's National Day is held. This fiesta has been happening since 1980 and is in celebration for the 11th of September 1714 when Barcelona was forced to surrender to the French and Castilian soldiers following a 13 month siege. One of the main rituals on this day is the laying of flowers at the Rafael Casanova monument who was one of the war heroes during the siege in 1714.

“Fires i Festes” of Girona is a week long city festival also known as Sant Narcis who was Girona's patron saint. The fiesta runs from 24th October to 1st November, legend has it that a swarm of flies came from the tomb of Sant Narcis and chased the French army away from the area so therefore the fly is now celebrated as Girona's emblem. The fiesta includes giant figures being paraded through the streets in front of the town hall including a large motorized Frankenstein type model. There are many market stalls selling food, beer, honey and cakes. A fairground will appear and many bands will be playing all week. There is one tradition during this fiesta which is a must see, human castles are performed at the foot of the Girona Cathedral steps.

The Assumption of Mary Fiesta is a national holiday in Spain and is held on the 15thof August each year. This fiesta celebrates the day when the Virgin Mary ascended into heaven after her death. It is called the feast day with colourful processions and a huge firework displays to mark the event with a figure of the virgin Mary paraded through the streets to the church along with a statue of Christ.

Fiestas in Spain are amazing and tourist book their rental home during these times to insure they are able to take part. Akilar.com can assist you with finding the perfect villa in Girona to enjoy all you can on a holiday in Spain. A list of fiesta's is available so you can plan your holiday to enjoy at least one.

Dining and Nightlife in Girona

Dining out on Girona Holiday Rentals
Suculant cusines on Girona

There is a diverse nightlife in the city of Girona and its surrounding towns with anything from quiet bars and restaurants suitable for families to nightclubs for the party goers. Girona is known for its cuisine, so whether you are self catering or not, make sure to take at least one night out to enjoy a quaint Girona evening.

Girona city has just about everything you would expect a city to have, from top class restaurants, traditional Catalan restaurants, Mediterranean restaurants to fast food restaurants. There are bars with DJ’s, jazz bars and nightclubs, such as Sunset Jazz Club and Platea. If you are looking for smaller quiet atmospheric bars and allow you to just enjoy your surroundings, there is no shortage of these in the old town. The Cafe Royal at No.1 is a beautiful little bar which has a terrace perfect for a quiet drink and a spot of people watching. So whatever you are looking for you are guaranteed to find something different to do every evening of your holiday in Girona.

Llorett de Mar is close to Girona and is very popular with younger people. Llorett de Mar is known for its stag and hen parties which visit the area with the many late night bars and nightclubs. You will find smaller bars which you can relax in before you hit the big clubs for the night. The streets in the summer are packed full of tourists looking for a party every night of the week.

If a quieter nightlife is what you are looking for you will have the choice of nearby Tamariu, Roses, Sant feliu de Guixols amongst other quieter villages near to your holiday rental villa. So whatever type of nightlife you are searching for, you are sure to find it in Girona.

Shopping in Girona

Girona Holiday Villas for Shopping
Shops and Markets in Girona

Shopping in the city of Girona is spread over quite a few different districts with a wide choice of shops to choose from. There are many boutiques with an abundance of trendy clothes available and not really any big chain stores in Girona but this tends to make the shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

Shopping in Girona is not only limited to clothes and accessories, in the old town you will also find shops selling the local wines and spirits, handmade confectionery among other items. La Bodega in the old town is really worth a visit as they sell a very good selection of the local wines and as with all bodegas they will sell directly from the barrel. The new town in Girona offers the Eixample shopping area with many department stores, fashion shops and the best in Catalan and Spanish designers. You can shop in the small boutiques which sell recognised international brands in accessories, shoes, leather and jewellery. Some of the best streets for shopping in the new town are Rambla, Santa Clara or Nou streets.

In the many surrounding villages in the Girona area there are usually markets held daily selling fruit, vegetables, meats, and other types of foods including confectionery. These are great markets for you to stock up on necessities for your self catering holiday accommodation. Weekly markets in most villages, known as street markets, are where you can purchase clothes, jewellery, shoes, leather goods, gifts, souvenirs and much more. Some of the villages which have these markets are Palafrugel, Lescala and Playa de Pals.Shopping could not be easier as by looking here.

Best Times to Visit Girona

Girona is generally a good place to visit all year round, however if you are a sun worshipper and want to enjoy the beaches and the hustle and bustle, the best time to visit would be the summer months of July and August. The summer months are very hot with temperatures occasionally reaching up to 40 degrees. Summers in Girona are very busy with many tourists around in the restaurants, bars, shops and on the beaches.

Winters in Girona tend to be a lot quieter with many businesses reducing hours or closing altogether due to the lack of custom from tourists. You will still find plenty to do at this time of the year and it is the perfect time leisurely sightseeing. The winters are generally very mild although there may be a few rainy and cold days especially in February.

If hot weather and days on the beach are not your priority when you are on holidays, then the spring time is the best season to visit Girona as it is very pleasant although not too hot so that you can go sightseeing, have more of a leisurely time on the beach and enjoy a quieter atmosphere in the bars and restaurants. This can be considered one of the best times to book your Spain holiday rentals accommodation to enjoy Girona without the madding crowds.

Climate for Girona

Girona generally has a moderate climate throughout most of the year with the average yearly temperature in the area is 23 degrees and an average rainfall of 749mm annually.

The summers are hot with temperatures occasionally climbing above 40 degrees, perfect for sun worshippers who want to take advantage of the beautiful sandy beaches and watersports on offer. In the Summer time Girona will be very busy with lots of holiday makers on the beaches and in the shops, restaurants and bars as this is when the majority of tourists visit. All the attractions will be open so there will be plenty to see and do.

The winters, which are between November and April, are usually around 10 degrees although in February the temperatures have been known to drop below 0 degrees on occasion. The temperatures in Girona are generally stable and bright as the area benefits from around 2290 hours of sun per year. The winters are a great time to visit if you want a quieter holiday to take in the sights and explore the area.

Spring is a very pleasant season to visit Girona, the beautiful colours of the plants and flowers which are growing at this time of the year make the area very picturesque. The weather is great for all sporting activities.

Getting To and Around Girona

Flying to Girona is simple as the Girona Costa Brava Airport is just 11km from the city centre and is Ryanair's main airport, so getting a cheap budget flight is easy to do. The airport is served by a number of budget and chartered airlines which fly to Europe and the UK daily. Transport from the airport to Girona City is easy with the bus company Sagales operating an hourly service from the airport to the City. It takes around 25 minutes, however if you prefer, there are taxis available to the city also.

If you would prefer to travel to Girona by land there are good roads, rail and ferry links from the UK into Europe. It is also possible to get coaches from the UK to Girona so that you can leave the driving to someone else and put your feet up while enjoying all the sights along the way to your Girona holiday rental property.

While on your Girona holidays getting around will be the next thing you will want to organise. The easiest way to travel around to the beaches, attractions, towns and go sightseeing would be to hire a car and there are plenty of car hire companies for you to arrange this with when you get to your destination. If you would prefer to have a driving free holiday there are several options to get around while here. The bus services which run from major bus stations will take you to most places of interest including beaches, attractions and major sightseeing areas. There are plenty of taxis to use in Girona who will transport you to wherever you want to be, it should be remembered that although the taxis are very convenient they can be quite expensive if used for the duration of your holiday.

However you choose to move about in Girona, you will be able to visit and explore more than your share and will most probably have to return to Girona again. When you are here the first time you can even spend an hour or two looking around at other properties to book for your holiday rentals in Spain villa for your return trip.

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Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia If you are interested in scuba diving and are looking for a destination to enjoy this sport then come to Spain as it has more that 4000 km of shoreline bordering on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This area provides some of the best diving and at the same time some of the most varied and exciting experiences.

Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia Salvador Dali's full name and title is Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech, 1st Marquis of Pubol. He was born in Figueres on May 11, 1904 and died on January 23, 1989. He is best known as a Spanish Catalan surrealist painter probably the best in modern times.

You have to understand surrealism to understand Dali. He was first a skilled draughtsman which lead to his surrealist work. Some say that his latter painting skills were influenced by early masters on the renaissance period. Throughout his life he created a varied and expansive repertoire that included film, sculptures and photography.

Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia Salvador Dali had only one place he considered home and that was the Portlliga House which is now a Museum. This is where he lived and worked until Gala's death in 1982, after her death he took up residence at Pubol Castle.

Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia Many, many years ago the forest of Cap de Creus was so thick that you could not walk through it. It was so thick that people who lived in Cadaque's would travel to Mallorca by boat as it was easier to reach than overland by way of nearby Figueres. The eventual destruction was caused by people cutting down the trees to make charcoal and at the same time the grazing of their animals on the new shoots. After the land was cleared they planted grape vines which were destroyed in the 1890's by an epidemic.
Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia This beautiful setting was created by one man, Nicolai Woevodsky an exiled Russian colonel and his English wife Dorothy Webster. The Jardi Botanic de Cap Roig's, as it is better known, was initiated in 1927 when they bought the land and began to build a castle with surrounding terraces. They became home to over one thousand species, among these are mimosa trees and cedar trees. This work was continued until 1974.
Things to Do Costa Brava - CataloniaFor a good day out near Banyoles visit the Greco-Roman site in Empuries. There is no other place in Spain where you can see Greek and a Roman coastal trading centers all in one archaeological site. Not only that, but when you are finished with the archaeological site there is a museum to explain what you have just seen and as if this isn't enough, there is a sandy beach on the Mediterranean to swim in.
Things to Do Costa Brava - CataloniaA composition of freshwater and brackish lagoons, marshes, grazing meadows and rice fields make up what is known as Aiguamolls de Emporda Natural Park. This is the most important protected wetlands on the Costa Brava coast. An important staging area for water birds, it is also home to a number of breeding and wintering birds. This integral reserve allows for closely controlled management of the conservation and wildlife interest and as a result they have been able to use this area as a launch pad for the reintroduction of the White Stork and Purple Gallinule.
Things to Do Costa Brava - CataloniaIf you take a trip to the old quarter in Girona you will come across the City History Museum known as Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat . It is hard to miss as it dynamically opens into the city and encourages public participation. This museum is a living breathing entity which encourages people to enjoy the city's history in a fun and entertaining way. It was started in 1981 when the city council became involved to save a building of historical interest accomplishing two objectives, the saving of a building and the creation of a museum.
Things to Do Costa Brava - Catalonia The Dali Museum is located in Figueres the capital of the comarca of Alt Emporda in the province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador Dali and houses the museum that was designed by Dali himself. This is the second most visited museum in Spain.

Before you visit the museum you must understand what surrealism is all about so you can appreciate the paintings on display.
Girona costa brava catalonia spain Girona Province has a variety of entertAainment for all ages. Listed below are just a few of those "Things To Do" Archaeology Museum of Catalonia - Ullastret: On top of a small hill, the Iberian city of Ullastret overlooks the the Emporda
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