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Salvador Dali's Home - Portlliga House

Salvador Dali had only one place he considered home and that was the Portlliga House which is now a Museum. This is where he lived and worked until Gala's death in 1982, after her death he took up residence at Pubol Castle.

According to history, Salvador Dali moved to Portlliga in 1930 for three reasons, first it was the light which was needed for his work, next was the abundance of notable landscape and of course it's isolation which is a surprise because he was such a public person and required attention. The basic structure of the existing house was that of a small fisherman’s cottage but over the 40 years that they occupied the premises, Dali created his own house room by room and in his own words he described it ''like a true biological structure, each new pulse in our life has its own new cell, a room”. Such was the artist that designed and built not a house but a home.

As with any artist light plays an important part in their life and this was no less true than with Dali. It is here in the house that light was taken into consideration during each stage of construction. This is exemplified in the labyrinthine structure where passageways lead blindly to changing levels and other rooms. The house is packed with numerous objects and mementoes of Dali. At the same time Dali was building the house he also knew it was a home and he tried to make it as warm and inviting as possible through his use of carpets, whitewash, dried flowers, velvet upholstery, antique furniture and stuffed animals. Dali loved the landscape that surrounded the cottage and as he built each new room he used the windows to frame the outside area's. You will find this outstanding landscape evident in his works such as the “Portlliga bay”.

Some people say that the house is divided into three different areas. Who can really say other than for viewing purposes, there is the area where the couple lived and maintained their private lives on the ground floor in rooms 7 to 12, the other rooms 5 & 6 were used as a studio area and here you can see where Dali's artistic activity actually took place. The outside area is where the couple lived their public life, this is comprised of rooms 13 through to 15.

Before you make the journey to Dali's house from your Spain Holiday Rentals, be sure to make reservations as they only allow small groups in at a time. The visit is well worth while as you can begin to understand the man who became one of the great surrealist painters of modern time.