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Lanzarote Holiday Guide

Holiday Rentals in Lanzarote - Tourist Information Guide

Holiday Rentals in Lanzarote
The Beautiful Volcanic Landscape of Lanzarote


Why Holiday in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a very popular holiday destination. It is a beautiful island with a breathtaking volcanic landscape and perfect beaches with sea warm enough to swim in most of the year. There are also many activities and sights to enjoy whilst you are staying on the island, including traditional villages that allow you to get a real feel of how the islanders live. There are plenty of holiday rentals available, including villas, apartments and bungalows.

Lanzarote has a rich history. It is said that the island emerged from the sea 30 million years ago as a result of numerous volcanic eruptions. The last eruption on Lanzarote occurred in the 19th century and the underground activity is still continuing. This makes the volcano on the island the most historic and the most popular tourist attraction, as you can even have a ride on the famous camels of Lanzarote. The Gaunches were the first inhabitants on the island and, although their exact origin is not known, they were on the island until the Spanish conquered it in 1404.

Lanzarote is fortunate to have beautiful weather most of the year as it is so close to North Africa, thus causing it to have a semi-desert climate. The weather is dry and warm although, just like the desert, the temperatures can drop deeply to become quite cold at night. Therefore, packing a few warmer items into your suitcase is advisable.

The night life in Lanzarote is quite varied: for instance, there are parts of the island that are very relaxing and offer a perfect environment to enjoy a fresh seafood meal whilst looking out over the sea. Puerto Del Carmen on the other hand is the place to go for lively night life, and it is here that you can find anything from family friendly restaurants to lively bars and nightclubs to party the night away.

With so much to enjoy on the island, it is easy to see why Lanzarote is such a popular tourist destination all year round.

History of Lanzarote

Enjoy History in Lanzarote
Lanzarote Castillo de las Coloradas

The Canary Islands are all volcanic in origin and are said to be at least 30 million years old. Lanzarote was the first island to emerge from the ocean and the last time an eruption took place was in the 19th century.

It is said that Lanzarote got its name from a Genoese sailor called Lancelotto who arrived on the island in 1312. The first inhabitants on the island of Lanzarote were the Gaunches and it has been discovered that the earliest settlement was around 200 BC. The origin of the Gaunches is largely unknown, although some believe that they were descendants of the Egyptians due to the way in which they mummified their corpses. Others believe that they were the last survivors of the lost city of Atlantis, as it is believed to have been lost near to the islands. The Gaunches were mainly cave dwellers and were very primitive in the way in which they lived.

The Portuguese and the Spanish arrived on the island to explore and discovered all thirteen of the islands at this time. However, when they came back, they were there as pirates to rob the island for riches and glory. In 1404 the island was conquered by Juan Bethencourt of Spain; he then conquered Fuertaventura in 1408. It was nearly another hundred years until Spain conquered the rest of the islands and they have been under Spanish Rule ever since.

Farming was difficult on the island due to the hard rock surface caused by the many eruptions. Camels were used to help farm and many are still present today as tourist attractions. Salt became a big industry in the early 1900s.

Today the biggest industry is of course tourism and, despite the increasing number of tourists that visit the island each year, the local authorities still have strict control over the development of the island. All houses are to be painted white and no high rises or billboard advertising is permitted. These restrictions make the island prettier and even more appealing for holidaymakers.

Lanzarote Holiday Rentals Information

Lanzarote Beaches are Stunning
Just One of the Beaches in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is known as one of the “Islands of Eternal Spring” and is a beautiful island to visit for holidays. With beautiful beaches, great bars, restaurants, shopping and night life to suit everyone, it is a very popular holiday destination.

Whether you are a small family, a couple or a large group coming to enjoy all that the island has on offer, you are sure to find the perfect accommodation that will suit your needs and budget. The island of Lanzarote has excellent weather all year round, with hot summers and mild winters that are still warm enough to enjoy the beaches during the day.

There are many types of villas, bungalows and apartments to choose from on Lanzarote and, because of the strict building restrictions, they are all very pleasant white buildings and there are no high rises in sight. You can choose from luxury bungalows and villas with hot tubs, private pools and more than one bathroom, to smaller more modest accommodation with communal pools. There is also the choice of terraces, gardens or balconies to enjoy a cool drink whilst eating al fresco in the evenings.

Lanzarote has lively areas to stay in that allow you to be in the thick of the entertainment and activities. So, if you are coming to the island to party, you can fall out of the bars and clubs and straight into your apartment. There are also quieter tranquil areas that provide beautiful views of the sea or countryside so you can just enjoy the peacefulness of the island.

Depending on the type of holiday you want, your requirements and your budget, you are sure to find the perfect accommodation for your stay. All apartments, bungalows and villas are fully equipped with kitchen equipment, towels and bedding to make your stay a comfortable one. With so many on offer, you will be spoiled for choice when booking your holiday rental.

Must See Sights and Attractions in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Holiday Rentals near to Activities
Camel Ride at Timanfaya National Park

There are many sights and attractions which simply must be seen whilst you are on holiday on the island. Aside from the beautiful beaches, water sports and shopping, there are plenty of other attractions that are sure to please all the family.

If you are interested in historical attractions, the most popular is the Timanfaya National Park which is focused around The Montanas del Fuego (Fire Mountains). The mountains were created when over one hundred volcanoes rose up and erupted, devastating the area. The last eruption was in 1824, however the area is still heated to between 400 and 600 degrees Celcius just a few metres below the surface. Once you arrive at the park you will see a demonstration of this heat which is fascinating. There is a restaurant that uses the heat to cook the traditional Canarian food and it is even possible to take camel rides whilst you are visiting the park.

For a fun day out with the kids why not visit the Ocean Water Park, situated just outside of Costa Teguise? The park is not quite as big as the ones on mainland Spain however it still has much to offer the whole family, including rides such as the Kamikaze and the Spiral. For younger children there is a special area with smaller pools and slides and, if you feel hungry after all that exercise, there is also an on-site restaurant.

The Guinate Tropical Park has over 1300 exotic birds and animals, in addition to beautiful botanical gardens. This attraction is perfect for nature lovers. The park is situated in the northern part of Lanzarote in an area known as the Valley of a Thousand Palms and, because it sits at the highest point of the island at the foot of Mount Corona, the views are spectacular.

Lanzarote has many beautiful beaches to choose from and, contrary to myth, most of them have golden sand and not the black volcanic sand you may have heard of. If you like surfing Playa Farmara is the place to be, as it is the surfing hotspot. Playa de las Cucharas is the main beach in Costa Teguise: this is a popular tourist beach so expect it to be busy in the summer months. If you are feeling adventurous then pay a visit to the windsurf school on the beach and enjoy some adrenalin filled fun on the sea.

Arrecife, the capital of the island, is very historical with attractions such as Castillo San Gabriel. There you can learn about the Gaunche: the first inhabitants of Lanzarote. The museum has many exhibits and archaeological pieces from the islands pre-Spanish era, including pottery, jewellery, coins, fossils and skeletons. So wherever you are staying on the Island you will be sure to find something of interest to you. Spend a few minutes looking through all of the things to do

Villages around Lanzarote

Lanzarote Holiday Rentals in Villages
Just one of the Villages of Lanzarote

As with a lot of holiday destinations, most people only see the tourist areas in Lanzarote. However, if you delve a little deeper into the island, you may be surprised to find that there are other diverse towns and villages to explore.

The main town of Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote and is a very metropolitan part of the island. The town has beautiful beaches, plenty of shopping, parks and lively night life. The city has a population of 45,000, which is roughly half of the islands inhabitants, so it is a bustling centre with lots going on to entertain the whole family.

If you want to experience a slice of the real Lanzarote, one of the best and most historical towns is Teguise. The town was once the capital until it lost the title to Arrecife. Teguise is the oldest Spanish settlement in the whole of the Canaries. You will find many places to visit in the town, including Castillo Santa Barbara, Palacio de Marques and Palacio Spiola. The town is very picturesque with beautiful white houses, pretty squares and plenty of bars and restaurants.

You will find tourist resorts galore to visit each with their own appeal, such as Puerto del Carmen which boasts a six kilometre stretch of beautiful blue flag sandy beach with the clear waters of the Atlantic lapping on to the shore. There is an abundance of shopping available along with some of the best night life in Lanzarote, with restaurants, late night bars and nightclubs

Akilar.com has put together a whole list of villages to plan your holiday around

Golfing in Lanzarote

Golfing Breaks in Lanzarote
Lanzarote has Stunning Golf Courses

If you are thinking of choosing Lanzarote for your next golfing holiday, or even if you just want to have a round or two while you are on your holidays, there are several golf courses to choose from on the island. Thanks to the all year round beautiful weather it is possible to play golf at any time in very pleasant conditions.

Costa Teguise golf is surrounded by beautiful volcanic landscape and has over 3,500 palm trees. The course was designed by John Harris and is a varied course with holes which will challenge any player to use their full range of clubs. The volcanic sand and winds all add to the fun. Facilities at the club include driving range, putting green, pitch and putt and a par three practice hole. The club also has a fantastic restaurant/bar with a terrace perfect for enjoying a meal and drinks after your day on the golf course and for taking in the beautiful scenery.

If you prefer, there is a pitch and putt course situated in Playa Blanca, which opened in 2005 and is a nine hole, par 27 course. There are gentle slopes and beautiful views of the surrounding area and the sea. The course is good for both professional and less experienced players.

Lanzarote Golf is the newest course on the island and is situated near to Puerto del Carmen and Tias. The course has eighteen holes, a par of 72 and will appeal to any player whatever their ability. The course was designed by Ron Kirby and Jack Nicklaus and, as the course is situated in the higher zone of Puerto del Carmen, the views are spectacular. Facilities at the club include buggy hire, trolleys, club hire, lessons, a driving range and practice area. The club house at Lanzarote golf has a pro shop, bar/cafe and a restaurant called Hoyo 19. There, you can enjoy a meal and drinks while taking in the beautiful views of the course and surrounding area.You can view most of the area golf courses and their details here.

Lanzarote's Fiesta's

Excellent Fiestas in Lanzarote
Fiesta de la Virgin de los Delores

Similar to the mainland of Spain, Lanzarote holds many fiestas each year; some are held at the same time all over Spain and others are specific to the Canary Islands. There are fiestas marking the celebrations of different holidays during the year, as well as to commemorate the different patron saints that once lived on the island.

Dia Del Reyes is a fiesta held on the 5th and 6th of January, and is traditionally known as Three Kings. This is the most exciting time for children as this is when they receive their Christmas presents. The Three Kings dispense sweets to the children while there is a colourful camel back procession. Arrecife is the capital of the island and the best place to join in with the celebrations. Puerto del Carmen is also a good place to be, as the procession is then repeated in the area on the main Avenida de las Playas.

One of the most colourful and exciting events in the calendar is Carnaval which takes place in February every year. The Carnaval has been likened to the amazing Rio de Janeiro Carnivals. The Canary Islands host some of the biggest and most lively celebrations in the world. Many holiday makers plan their holiday around the dates when the Carnaval takes place.

On September 17th each year you will find a large number of the islanders on Lanzarote dressed up in traditional Canarian costume: this is for the Fiesta de la Virgin de los Delores. Pilgrimages take place on this day from all over the island and end at the church in Mancha Blanca where the fiesta takes place. This fiesta is one of the biggest parties of the year: it is held to mark the volcanic eruptions in 1736 when locals of Mancha Blanca travelled to the foot of the mountain along with the priest to pray that the lava would miss the town. Miraculously, after they prayed next to the cross they had put into the ground, the lava changed direction. The Church in Mancha Blanca was promised by the priest if they managed to stop the flow of lava and it was built in honour of the Virgin.

Dining and Nightlife in Lanzarote

Dining out while on a Lanzarote Holiday
Lanzarote's Excellent Food

Although Lanzarote may not be nearly as lively as Tenerife or the Balearic islands, you will still find many restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from while you are on your holidays.

Puerto del Carmen is one of the busiest parts of the island and has been a popular tourist resort for over 40 years. Having originally been a small fishing village, the old harbour is still a pleasant place to visit with some beautiful seafood restaurants. The Avenida de Las Playas has over one hundred restaurants so you are sure to find somewhere that will suit all tastes and budgets. One of the best and most popular restaurants in the area is La Tegala: they serve traditional Canarian cuisine in beautiful modern surroundings. Puerto del Carmen has many bars and discotheques so party revellers will be kept very happy. The main area for the busy bustling bars and clubs is the New Town, also known as the strip. It is here that you will also find the Centro Atlantico, which is a multi-floor centre with many bars, clubs and show bars.

Costa Teguise is a purpose built resort and is a very popular with many holiday makers returning year after year. There are many restaurants and bars in the area so you are guaranteed to find the perfect places to spend your evenings during your holidays. There are many restaurants in Costa Teguise, serving anything from traditional Canarian cuisine, right through to Chinese or Indian. So whatever type of food you are looking for, you are bound to find the perfect place for your meal. One of the best restaurants, which is frequented by royalty, is Mason La Jordana: the restaurant has very high standards but is also friendly and the food is divine.

El Golfo is a quiet village famous for its green lagoon. There are many restaurants in this little village, many of which specialise in fish dishes. The oldest restaurant in El Golfo is the Restaurante de Mar: they serve fresh fish, beautiful meat dishes and are a very friendly establishment with the focus on family. Obviously, as this is such a small village, there really isn’t a night life scene like other parts of Lanzarote. Instead it is a place to enjoy quiet drinks and meals with the family in the evenings.

Shopping in Lanzarote

Great Shopping in Lanzarote
One of the Shopping Centres in Lanzarote

As Lanzarote and the rest of the Canary Islands benefit from a special duty free tax status, cigarettes, alcohol and perfumes are a lot cheaper than mainland Spain. To find the best deals on these products, the best places to shop are the resorts and towns. In the main resorts there are many shops, boutiques, perfumeries and markets are also held on different days of the week.

One of the best shopping areas is Calle Real in Arrecife. On this street you will find well known high street brands such as Zara and Mango, as well as shoe shops, perfume shops, tobacconists, and bargain Euro shops. If you head along the side streets which lead off of Calle Real heading towards the water, you will find the Recova Market. It is open until 2pm selling fresh local produce and second hand goods.

The Deiland Centre in Playa Honda is one of the largest shopping centres on the island. It is very busy and offers a variety of shops and services, including a supermarket, perfume shops, clothes shops, hairdressers, opticians and a launderette. The centre offers a great range of restaurants including fast food and it has a cinema and a bowling alley.

If you enjoy strolling through a market, you will not be disappointed as there are plenty to choose from and, as the island is so small, they are all relatively easy to get to. If you want a market with a twist, Teguise market is the best one to visit: there you will find traditional goods, clothes, souvenirs and much more. In the main square there are local folklore groups performing all day, so this will be a cultural experience as well as a retail one. Other markets include Arrecife and Haria market.

The Biosfera shopping centre in Puerto del Carmen holds more than fifty stores over several floors. They mainly sell fashion and accessories but there are also cafes and entertainment in the shopping centre so it will be a great day out. Other shopping options in Puerto Del Carmen include the Playa de los Pocillos, the Costa Mar and Jameos.See here for our great shopping guide.

Best Times to Visit Lanzarote

Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands: located in close proximity to the Western Sahara Desert and the weather is pleasant all year round. The summers are great if you enjoy wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures and the winters are very pleasant for relaxing on the beach or by the pool; however, just like the desert, the temperatures do drop at night time. January and February is when the weather can be more unpredictable so, if you are visiting in the winter months, some warmer clothing is advised for the evenings.

The busiest months are July and August: this is when the majority of people descend upon the island to enjoy the beautiful weather, beaches, water sports and lively night life The beaches, bars, restaurants and shops will be very busy at this time of the year so if it is the hustle and bustle you love then this would be the perfect time to book your holiday.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds of the summer then the weather in the winter is still very pleasant, with daytime temperatures warm enough to spend the day lazing on the beaches, pools or taking in sights and shopping. Christmas is a very popular time to visit and Christmas day is celebrated in Lanzarote but at a much slower pace.

If you want to experience the real Spain, why not visit at fiesta time and join in with the festivities: that of course will include colourful parades, traditional food, drink and massive firework displays.

Climate for Lanzarote

The Canary Islands have long been referred to as the “Islands of Eternal Spring” as they enjoy warm sunny weather all year round. Temperatures never really fall below 16 degrees Celsius in winter and 25 degrees Celsius in summer.

The summers in Lanzarote run from April to November and are generally hot and dry. The temperature in the summer usually hovers around 25 degrees Celsius in April, and can get up to 30 degrees Celsius in August. The night time temperatures usually stay at around 20 degrees Celsius in the height of summer and around 17 degrees Celsius at the beginning and end of the season.

The winters are from December until March and at this time of the year it is warm during the day with cool nights and daytime temperatures ranging between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius. Night time temperatures can drop to 13 degrees Celsius so if you are visiting in winter it is advisable to pack a few warmer items.

Lanzarote does not have any high mountains so there are no major barriers for sea clouds: therefore it has a very dry hot climate which is quite different from a lot of other Spanish islands.

The island of Lanzarote has a varied climate depending what part of the island you are on. For example, the northern part of the island is usually a little more cloudy and windy than the south and has a little more rain per year. The southern part of Lanzarote has a drier, hotter climate with over 2,500 hours of sun per year.

Getting To and Around Lanzarote

Air travel is the most obvious and simple way to get to Lanzarote for your holiday. There are many chartered and scheduled flights coming from most European destinations and there are also shuttle flights to other Canary Islands. It takes around four and a half hours to travel to Lanzarote and the airport is situated close to the capital Arrecife. Once you have arrived at the airport there are plenty of options for transfers to your accommodation. These include car hire, taxis and buses that will transport passengers to Arrecife bus station for connections to resorts.

As Lanzarote is such a small island, at only 327 square miles, it is very easy to travel round and has very good roads. The easiest and most convenient way to travel around the island is to hire a car and the car hire prices are very reasonable. If you would prefer to leave the driving to someone else while you are on your holidays, the public bus service is reliable and cheap and runs at regular intervals. The name of the bus company is Arrecife Bus and calls at all points on Lanzarote. There are plenty of taxis available on the island for you to use to get around, and they are great to get to the hard to reach places that the buses cannot get to. It is good to bear in mind, however, that the cost of using taxis for the duration of your holiday can become expensive.

If you are the energetic type and would like to get some exercise while you are on holiday, cycling is very popular on the island. As the roads are not too busy this is a great way to see some of the most beautiful scenery you may otherwise miss if you were to use other forms of transport. There are many places to hire bikes at very reasonable prices.

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Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, SpainOn the outskirts of the Costa Teguise resort is the Costa Teguise Aquapark,, well known for its high speed rides for both young and old as well as slow ones for children. Open every day 10.00-18.00
Rancho Texas Park, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, SpainRancho Texas, a large Western theme park, is located on the airport road just outside of Puerto del Carmen. As expected in a Western theme park it has its own Indian village as well as a Nature park. Inside of the venue are several theme style restaurants of which some host to Country and Western nights.
Towns & Resorts on Lanzarote If you are looking for a place during off peak season with great weather then the perfect one is Lanzarote, but lets face it the weather there is excellent any time of the year so begin to plan your holiday

Lanzarote is the fourth largest in the Canary Islands which is just off the coast of Africa. Being 37 miles long and 32 miles wide it is the perfect place to explore on foot as you can see and do more. If required there are buses and taxis available on the island as well as rental car's.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, SpainIf you're heading to Lanzarote then there is a wonderful array of small villages that will take you away from the main resorts and into the culture of a villages being centuries old. In the north of the island Arrieta, Guatiza, Malpais de la Corona and Tahiche are all worth a visit to experience this.

Shopping in Lanzarote In Lanzarote you will find several shopping and leisure centres as well as an array of stores and boutiques selling all kinds of goods: from perfumes, cloths, jewellery and electrical equipments that can be purchased at very reasonable prices to local produce and handmade crafts.
Golf on LanzaroteLanzarote is one of the seven islands that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean to form the Canary Island Archipelago and its unique characteristics make it the most peculiar of the islands. In 1993, Lanzarote was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.