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Menorca Holiday Guide

Holiday Rentals in Menorca - Tourist Information Guide

Menorca Holiday Rentals
Visit the Beautiful Hidden Coves on Menorca

Why Holiday in Menorca

The tranquil island holiday retreat of Menorca is a popular holiday destination for those wanting beautiful beaches and a relativly quiet holiday. It is home to the finest country style VILLA RENTALS of the Balearic Islands. Although peaceful, Menorca is packed with things to do for the entire family during their HOLIDAY TO SPAIN. Menorca is the destination if you enjoy visiting the small rural fishing villages as they line the coast. Let akilar help you in making your choice of villas, homes and apartments for your holiday travel, "think holiday rentals in Menorca, Spain - think akilar"!.

There are many historical sights around Menorca with English influence still abounding from their period of reign. The island offers great family fun as well as enough activities to keep you busy on days out from your Menorca accommodation. As with any of the islands, the watersports on Menorca rule as well as the water park available for the entire family. Don't forget, that as Menorca is a mountaneous island, horse riding and walking are populart with the tourist crowds.

The weather on the island is pleasant most of the year round with hot days and warm nights in the summer and mild winters, although the winters can be cooler periodacally as well as wetter. The summers are very busy with tourists and the winters are much quieter, so if you are looking for a relaxing quiet time on your private villa, choose your villa in Menorca at a reclusive place, the winter would be a good time to visit.

Nightlife in Menorca is much quieter than that of the other Balearic Islands. You will still find beautiful restaurants with exquisite cuisine and the perfect wine lists, tapas bars, cafe's and family friendly restaurants. If it is a night out to the bars and finally the clubs, make sure to stay and watch the sunrise on the beach or from your rental apartment. In Ciutadella and Mao there are late night bars with music and dancing, the only casino in Menorca is also based there.

With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that so many holiday makers visit the island for their HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN.

History of Menorca

Menorca Holidays for History
History on the Island of Menorca

When your choice of rentals is a Menorca apartment, make sure to check out the history in the area toplan your days out. Menorca's history began 6,000 years ago when the islands inhabitants lived in the caves. Phoenician traders arrived on the island in 1600BC and named it Balearis Minor or Menorca. When the Roman empire broke up, the Barbarians and the Byzantine Greeks moved onto the island. Until this time the Arab Moors, residing on the island, repeatedly raided the villages and finally took control in 913 AD.

The Moors had possession of the island for 300 years. In 1287, the king of Aragon battled the Moors and Menorca then became part of Spain. The Island was attacked often due to its position and the worst attacks came from the Turks in 1535 and 1558. The British had possession of the island for a total of 70 years over 3 separate periods, 1713 - 1756, 1763 - 1781, 1798 - 1802. In 1802, the treaty of the Amiens returned Menorca to Spain.

During the Spanish civil war, Menorca continued to support and stay loyal to the republican Spanish government whilst the rest of the Balearic Islands were supportive of the nationalists. The island did not get involved with combat apart from aerial bombings by the Italians. The island today is a popular tourist destination, of the three islands, for your Balearic Islands Holiday Rentals home as thousands of holiday makers flock here annually for their choice of rental homes.

Menorca Holiday Rentals Information

Menorca Holiday Rentals Photos
Peace and Tranquility on Menorca

When choosing Menorca as your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN destination, the choice of where you want your holiday villa will depend on the type of holiday you are after. There are plenty of villas in Spain to rent to make your choice from, including large and small one's with their own pools, some even being heated. There is such a wide choice you will find villas in different parts of the island as well as beautiful coastal villas nearby to beaches to enjoy days in the sun with the family. There are also villas in the many quiet fishing villages where you will have the more traditional island feel.

Menorca is a tranquil island and does not have a busy club and bar scene. So wherever you choose to stay, you will be safe in the knowledge that the loud raucous crowds which exist on the other Balearic Islands will not be on the island of Menorca.

Depending on your needs, Menorca has a wide choice of self catering holiday accommodation available such as 1 and 2 bedrooms apartments, most with stunning views and balconies to the beautiful island rental villas. All Holiday Rental Apartments in Menorca will have fully fitted kitchens as well as linen's provided. If you choose a villa you will most probably have a BBQ as well for your evening cooking.

Special Information for Booking Holiday Rentals in Menorca

Check the Akilar adverts for special discount rates when choosing your RENTALS IN SPAIN. Most MENORCA RENTAL PROPERTIES will offer a discount based on either early booking or even a last minute booking. Some also offer long term rental prices if this is your requirement. Check the winter rates as this is considered the low season.

Must See Sights and Attractions in Menorca

Menorca Holiday Villas near Attractions
Historical Sights to Visit on Menorca

Menorca has many sights and attractions which are worth visiting while out from your holiday rentals villa. The island has many historic sights such as the Castell de Saint Nicolau, a castle built in the 17th century and originally as a watch tower to protect the harbour. The church has a working drawbridge and stunning views of the sea. The building has a brilliant vantage point to fully enjoy the gorgeous sunsets over the harbour. There are also exhibitions held in the castle for tourists throughout the year and is a good choice of destinations for your HOLIDAYS TO MENORCA.

Cales Coves is an attraction where you find the islands ancient caves that once were the burial chambers for early settlers. Visitors are advised to bring a powerful flashlight as there are no guided tours around the caves.

For those who want a bit of fun in the water, a great rentals destination to take all the family is The Los Delfines Aquapark. It is just outside of Ciutadella and is a 12,500 square meter attraction with great water attraction's and fun for the entire family, including a giant toboggan, adventure river and hydrotubes.

So whether you want culture, history, exploration or just some good old fashioned family fun, Menorca has everything you need to help to make your holiday in Spain perfect. Spend a few minutes looking through all of the things to do (link to next page)

Villages around Menorca

Rural Villages on Menorca Holidays
A Day Out to Many of the Island Villages

There are plenty of little picturesque rural villages around the island of Menorca. There are beautiful coastal villages ideal for your rentals accommodation or small fishing villages great for a day out. All the villages on the island are worth a visit during your MENORCA HOLIDAYS for the scenery and history which exists there.

Sant Climent, located on the Mahon airport road is a pretty and friendly village and home of the 'Casino', the meeting place of Menorc'as Jazz club where they play at least once a week. The village is very small but perfect for rental villa as there is everything needed to have a great time.

Alaior, is the third largest town in Menorca, a very ancient place which dates back to 1304. There is amazing architecture including that of the churches and the designs are in Spanish gothic style. There are lovely little shops in the village and still has a very personal feel although it is a larger village.

Ferreries, is known as the third town in Menorca and best known for the farm produce and cheeses it produces. There is a market held in the village twice a week visited by locals who live on the island as well as the tourist crowd to stock up their Menorca Apartments.

The rural villages on the island all have their own charm and reasons for tourist to visit. So when you are on your holidays to the Balearic Islands, a trip to the beautiful rural villages of Menorca will not be regretted.. Akilar.com has put together a whole list of villages to plan your holiday around (link to next page)

Golfing in Menorca

Menorca Holiday Rentals Golf Trips
A day on Son Parc's Stunning Course

When thinking about where to choose your VILLA IN SPAIN for your next golf holiday, remember, Golf on Menorca is popular, however as the island is so small, there is only one golf course. Golf Son Park is a championship quality course and is good for both beginners and experienced golfers with visitors always welcome.

The Course is set in beautiful surroundings and is just a few hundred meters from the beautiful beach in Son Park. The course was developed with the environment in mind leaving as many natural features as possible. The flock of peacocks which live behind the third green is a unique sight to see for golfers.

The course was originally a 9 hole course and was extended to 14 in 2003, with work on the last four holes increasing it to an 18 hole course began in 2005. The final touches to the course were completed in 2006 and the course reopened on 12th August 2006. The course was designed by Dave Thomas Golf Ltd, the ex Ryder cup player who is the designer of many courses around the world.

Once you have had a long day golfing there is a great restaurant on the site which is a friendly welcoming place. The restaurant offers quick snacks, and other delicious food with a panoramic view of the golf course which is perfect if you choose to spend the evening out instead of cooking in your rental villa.

So whether you are a confident golfer or just a beginner, Golf Son Park is perfect for a day out for everyone Holiday in Menorca. You can view the area golf course and its details here. (link to next page)

Menorca Fiesta's

Fiestas during Menorca Holidays
The Island Fiestas are Like NO Other

Just like the other islands in Spain as well as the Spanish mainland, there are no shortage of fiestas throughout the year for holiday makers to enjoy from their rental home. Fiestas are a fun colourful way to see the traditional side of Spain and there is quite often live music, fireworks and local food.

On Menorca, the celebration of Sant Joan is celebrated in June and is an extraordinary medieval display, this colourful festival is held all over Spain. The horses and riders line the streets and squares to parade, joust and perform their traditional turns. The fiesta is held in Ciutadella.

Our lady of Grace fiesta takes place in Mao, it is the last of the festivals in the area and held on the 7th to 8th of September. This is highly recommended to tourists as there are processions, horse racing and a very vibrant atmosphere.

Other fiestas which are unique to Menorca are, Saint Antonys Eve, the Virgin of the Bull Fiesta, the Fiesta de la Mare de Deu del Carmen and the Fiesta de Sant Llorenc. Fiestas are very good for tourist to see and the locals are very welcoming. Roads are usually blocked off and businesses close, the locals really know how to party so why not join them when you are on HOLIDAY IN MENORCA. We have prepared a list of fiestas so you can book your holiday rental accommodation to enjoy at least one. (link to next page)

Dining and Nightlife in Menorca

Dining out on Your Menorca Holiday Rentals
Island Cuisine is a Speciality

When looking at the choice of VILLAS IN MENORCA, remember that the island is of tranquil nature and if you are looking for a more lively atmosphere you will need to choose specific towns for your rental home. The island is home to many lovely bars and restaurants where you can always enjoy a perfect meal and relaxing evening.

There is no shortage of restaurants, cafes and Tapas bars on Menorca as you will find some of the most mouthwatering food you have ever tasted. Menorca is famous for the quality and variety of fish and seafood served in restaurants. Besides the famous stew and Mahon cheese, you may want to try the stuffed squid or baked cuttlefish. "Cabrito (goat), "Cordero" (lamb) and "Conejo " (rabbit) are widely available and delicious dishes such as partridge with cabbage or"arros de la tierra"a simple meal with ground maze, yams and tomatoes. Gin is produced on the island and is served mixed with lemon squash as a "Pomada".

To name a few of the very popular restaurants on the island of Menorca are, Sant Joan de Binissaida, which is a beautifully charming boutique hotel and highly recommended gourmet restaurant serving Michelin star cuisine and a great wine selection. Son Granot Es Castell is a colonial style house with an a la carte restaurant and a romantic intimate atmosphere. There are of course plenty of Tapas bars and cafe's offering casual family style atmospheres.

Mao and Ciutadella are two of the best places for nightlife on the island of Menorca. The harbour in Mao has late night bars with music and dancing, there are jazz bars, piano bars and late night clubs so you will be spoilt for choice when visiting, you can even try your luck in Menorca's only casino. In Ciutadella there is a maze of streets where you can enjoy latino bars and beautiful tapas restaurants. At the end of the night why not get yourself a cocktail and head to the cave mouth to see the sunrise - just breathtaking!

Shopping in Menorca

Menorca Holiday Rentals for your Souveniers
Small Island Shops For Souveniers

There are plenty of shopping opportunities during your rental stay in Menorca, from small shops which sell gifts and souvenirs to larger shops for clothing and jewellery. The shopping can be found particularly in the historic and tourist parts of the island. The island has several shopping centres and beachfront shops as well.

Food shops on the island are plentiful selling traditional foods like ensaimada pastry, spicy sausages, olives and dried peppers amongst other foods. There are markets in different parts of the island most days and are viewed as an important part of island life. There are markets which sell souvenirs to tourists as well as markets selling fruit and vegetables along with clothes, shoes, jewellery, leather and local craft goods. The Markets start in the mornings and end in late afternoon. During the high season, markets may be open every day. The markets are held in such places as, Mahon, Es Castell, Alaior, Es Migjorn Gran and Ferreries amongst other places.

So when you are on your Balearic holidays, there will not be any shortage of options for shopping and you can buy just about anything you need for your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN MENORCA. Shopping could not be easier by looking here. (link to next page)

Best Times to Visit Menorca

Summers rentals are hot in Menorca and the winters are generally mild although the weather in spring and autumn is considerd unstable. The best season to visit is May, September and October when temperatures are in the mid 70s. The last weeks of September are nice also, as the summer crowds have left and the Mediterranean is still warm enough to swim in until autumn.

The second best time to visit is late spring when the island is pretty with flowers and the nights are lively. Spring and winter are good times for anyone who enjoys walking or biking.

It is June, July and August is when the festivals are taking place on the island, so if you are interested in partying with the locals and enjoying the traditional celebrations this is an exciting time to take your holidays in Balearic Islands.

Summer RENTALS IN MENORCA will be extremely busy with tourists with all the bars and restaurants open and buzzing, so if you like the hustle and bustle this is the best time to visit. Spring and Autumn are both quieter and more pleasant if you prefer to have less people and more space on the beaches. The winter is still mild, however there can be the odd cold day. The island is quieter and there is less tourist visiting and you will find restaurants, hotels and bars will close at this time, so if it is a tranquil relaxing holiday you are looking for this may be a good option for you when choosing your Spain holiday rentals.

Climate for Menorca

Menorca has Mediterranean weather with hot summers and mild winters and all seasons having something different to offer visitors for their Spanish holiday rentals.

During July and August the weather is very hot and there are at least 11 hours of sun per day, the temperatures in the summer are generally a hot 30 degrees or more with hot balmy evenings. The summer season is the peak of the tourist season for self catering holiday rentals.

The winter months which are between November to April on Menorca are usually mild although it can be quite wet, the average temperature on the island in the winter can exceed 14 degrees so is still pleasant to visit at this time when the island is much quieter.

Getting To and Around Menorca

Getting to Menorca for your PRIVATE HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN is easy with a good choice of charter flights from most regional airports. The airport you will fly into is Mahon, 4.5 km from Mao city. There are scheduled flights to Menorca and the noted "no frills" airlines fly to Mahon from airports in the Uk and Europe also.

If you choose to travel to Menorca by land there are several ferry crossings between Barcelona and Valencia in mainland Spain and Menorca, most will go via Palma. Inter island ferrys are also available between Mallorca and Menorca.

Whilst on the island there are several options to utilise to get around the island. The public transport on Menorca is not as reliable as the neighbouring islands, however regular buses do run along the main road that runs through the island from east to west and connecting Mahon and Ciutadella. Buses also travel between coastal towns and resort areas. This makes it easier to reach the beach or take in some sightseeing from most apartments in Menorca or even the villas Menorca while you are on holiday. The obvious option would be to hire a car as this will allow you to travel the island at your own leisure. There are several agencies which can assist you with the hiring of a car.

Taxis are a good option if you do not want to drive and find the public transport too stressful. The taxis are readily available when you need them being very convenient, although if you are using them regularly it may become a very expensive way of getting around the island.

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Minorca, Balearic Islands, SpainMinorca has a variety of entertainment for all ages. Listed below are just a few of those "Things To Do".... Cala Torret Diving Centre: Diving centre with dives and courses for all levels of divers from complete beginners to fully trained. Equipment provided. Local 6 Cala Torret, Binibeca Playa, 07711 Sant Lluis, Minorca Tel: 971 188 528 / 636 463 265 Fax: 971 151 502
Towns & Resorts on minorcaA well kept secret is Minorca as it lies very much in the shadow of its better known neighbours, the two jewels in the Mediterranean, Mallorca and Ibiza. You will find here more silence than noise and more calm than hustle. Some people refer to Minorca as the ''leisurely island of forgetfulness''. This is a place of low crime rates and modest industrialization. As a result it remains one of the most unspoilt islands in the Mediterranean. If you are looking for a quiet time with beautiful views and gorgeous white sand beaches this is the place. Here you can experience the true island life found only in Spain.
Minorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

If it is history you are looking for, then Alaior is steeped in ancient heritage. Founded in the 14th century by Jaume I, its winding narrow streets are most famed for producing the islands well known and much loved cheese, Queso de Mahon.

Fornells is a traditional and picturesque Menorcan fishing village. The sheltered bay is popular with those wishing to take up windsurfing as the conditions are ideal for beginners.

Shopping in MinorcaThe Balearic islands provide excellent shopping, which is so typical of Spain. The island of Minorca is no exception and is full of many popular shops and markets, selling a wide range of merchandise.
The larger shops in Minorca usually open from 09:00 to 21:00, particularly in the tourist centres. Some shops in Minorca do close between 14:00 to 17:00, for the Spanish afternoon siesta.
Golf on MinorcaGolf Son Parc is a championship quality course, ideal for beginners and experienced golfers alike. The course is both challenging and picturesque. It is located just a few hundred metres from the award winning Son Parc beach on the north coast of Menorca . Around the course are wooded hills and a protected wet zone with a rich variety of bird life. In the distance are views of Monte Toro, Menorca 's highest point.